Fertility Partnership States Exciting Post COVID Reopening

Fertilization is still not allowed, but we are glad that restrictions have been lifted since we greatly appreciate our patients who are planning to travel to St. Louis this summer to be implanted. We look forward to seeing you out on the Clear Lake, Texas, rest stop again!
With infertility being a recurrent problem this issue has been going on for more than half a century now. With the advent of the private healthcare insurance industry and the advent of fertility treatments, politicians had no choice but to step in to help solve this problem officially. The first response of the state government was to pass the Family Wellness Indemnity Act (also known as the Kidney Research Act) of 1991, which provided financial assistance to couples in which one or both partners were infertile. The second law was the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Act of 2002 which expanded these financial support programs. The philosophical backpedaling of those laws targeted at patients was one notable and ongoing battle in the annals of infertility discrimination or need to find a St. Louis Fertility Clinic.
There was a time in therapy when patients and doctors were in a great standoff centered around the elusive goal of a fertile child. The machine and technology evolved quickly with the release of the first in-vitro fertilization machine in 2003. A decade later, we are still struggling with how to achieve the mythical purpose of reproduction. How does one achieve sex or related species? How does it work when the human and several other animal species can only conceive via in-vitro?, The answers to these questions are complicated and require knowing most of the major advances achieved to date in transhumanism, artificial egg production, stem cell technology, synthetic wombs and assisted reproduction or need a tubal reversal.
What Does It Mean to Grow a Human Baby?
In the year 2024, we will be able to answer some important questions about the viability of human reproduction and possibly achieve a solution to the child-proclamation conundrum and the problem of producing a child from one person that is related to one of the other species. What does it mean to grow a human baby? What is the process that can unite the donor egg and the recipient egg in a contained environment for the development of a child? How is the child to be conceived? What happens to the donor after one or more rounds of in-vitro fertilization? How many eggs should be harvested from the donor? Take your pick. These are the major advances in science that might make it possible to procreate, particularly if initiated before 2031.

We will continue to provide assistance to those who have fertility challenges, and our priority will always be serving patients. We appreciate the continued support from our patients, patients-parents, staff, and partners.
If you are seeking help for infertility or are experiencing social distancing, please contact The Fertility Partnership. For more information or to make an appointment, please call or check out our online calendar.
September 25, 2019–The Fertility Partnership would like to offer our appreciation to all the people who donated to our GoFundMe to help us with our continuing expenses and in the wake of this senseless human tragedy. The donor and all contributors are greatly appreciated, and we wish a full and speedy recovery to all those affected. Thank you for the continued support for The Fertility Partnership, and we hope to see you all soon at The Fertility Partnership!
We are offering free blood tests to individuals and couples this month. Call or check out our website to make an appointment or if you have a failed ivf, we can help so please feel free to call us.

Thank you to everyone who loved and supported us during these trying times. We miss you all and appreciate every donation.
Beginning Saturday, June 14th, The Fertility Partnership will be offering appointments only via Zoom. We hope to see you there. Or see us on Facebook.

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