Fertility Frustrations? What to Do When You Are Struggling

Fertility frustrations are common to men and women who have been trying to conceive for over a year without success. There is no defined cause of infertility; however, various contributing factors include age, stress, substance abuse, radiation therapy, etc. Those struggling to conceive have difficulty coping with the psychological stress associated with infertility. Here are few steps to take if you are battling infertility.

Maintain a Simple Routine

Facing infertility issues can be overwhelming; instead of focusing on the problem, it’s advisable to find activities that give you pleasure and growth. Gaining control over your thoughts and emotions reduces adrenaline levels which affect one’s general mood. Maintain an exercise routine to keep good health and improve blood flow to the reproductive system. Additionally, routine exercise improves one’s mood, concentration, motivation, and libido, creating a conducive environment to conceive. Amid the struggles, one becomes preoccupied with worry, waiting and watching, becoming forgetful of minor details of their lives. Thus, a simple routine ensures they stay in charge of their daily activities.

Seek Professional Advice

Sometimes the external pressure can be damaging. Those struggling with infertility need professional guidance to assure them that whatever they are going through is normal. If not checked, stress can cause hormonal imbalance, which continually alters one’s emotions resulting in depression. Some signs of depression include sleep disturbance, change in appetite and weight, or a general disconnection. Often patients become overwhelmed trying to conceive and forget to take care of their physical and mental health. A specialist will help you understand new ways to take care of yourself. Sometimes you might need that push to take a types of PCOS quiz, to help you understand your body better or determine if there is a problem. If you are experiencing any signs of depression, consult an infertility specialist and check your hormones levels.

Have Boundaries and Identify Your End Goals

Often you will find yourself in challenging situations that hurt you emotionally. Let your family and loved ones understand your concerns. Use various methods to help them understand the reasons for the decisions you take. Let’s say you get an invite to a baby shower decline politely and save yourself from the emotional torture. It’s imperative to take care of yourself. Fertility treatments don’t guarantee you a positive result. If you identify your goal, then the process becomes more manageable. You can opt for other means like adoption to achieve your goals.

There are many challenges associated with infertility; thus, you need an outlet for all your feelings. Find a suitable counselor or support group to walk you through the journey. Don’t isolate yourself; instead, connect with your loved ones for unconditional support.