Ferry’s journey to launching Boca Recovery Center alongside Clean and Sober

The opioid and heroin epidemic have exacted a price in blood. From 1999 – 2017, drug overdose deaths have risen from 16,849 to 70,237, reaching an all-time high. Christopher Ferry’s substance abuse treatment facility, Boca Recovery Center, is a recovery hub that has flourished for addicts and alcoholics. All age groups, mainly teenagers and young adults, are flocking to Florida and New Mexico to recover from drug abuse addiction. Boca has a reputation for being a haven for the recovery community seeking to defy statistics and studies show half of those who pursue recovery will slip back into abuse and addiction.

Ferry’s journey to launching Boca Recovery Center alongside Clean and Sober – an online addiction recovery support group, flies in the face of his experience as an addict and long-time struggles faced on the road to recovery, aka ‘rock bottom’. Fast forward to a few decades after his downward spiral and more than 64K have sought recovery guidance. “I’ve touched the end of the road. Witnessing first-hand, endeavor to save lives and get people into recovery programs and treatments through Boca Recovery Center and Clean and Sober.


The rising numbers are evident that the US has been hit hard by the opioid and heroin epidemic, and its associated gun violence. I only hope the recipients of drug abuse realize the bad players in the mix who are responsible for public drug use. If the US hated heroin dealers as much as gun owners, substance abuse problems would never carry over to the next generation.” said Certified National Interventionist, Christopher Ferry.

Ferry believes access to employment, safe housing and education are essential, but finding a sense of purpose and healing is crucial. Saving others, giving back by mentoring, social influence, or as an interventionist. Ferry has rebuilt a life that’s worth maintaining and fiercely protects it. “You have 2 options – either work towards recovery or relapse. You’re just a step away from making the right or wrong decision” added Ferry.


Serving others continues to be imperative for Ferry. His descent to ‘rock bottom’, and subsequent ascent to success, led him to become an addiction recovery advocate, besides being an entrepreneur and content creator. He aims to rescue as many people exposed to substance abuse and addiction as possible and get them enrolled in programs that help interrupt the addiction cycle. Through Boca, Ferry wants to reduce the stigma and offer the charm and redemption to recovery.



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