Ferritin Testing Positioning and Growing Market Share Worldwide

Ferritin testing is a laboratory blood test that is used to determine the amount of ferritin in the bloodstream. Because ferritin is the major iron storage protein in RBCs in the body, ferritin testing is important for determining the iron content of the blood. Ferritin testing can sometimes aid in the diagnosis of iron deficiency and storage abnormalities in the body. Ferritin testing aids in determining the iron level and total iron-binding capacity test, as well as blood cell counts.

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Ferritin testing is useful in determining anaemia and iron deficiency in the body. End-point ferritin testing based on the principle of antigen/latex-antibody reaction. Ferritin testing measures ferritin levels in blood using venous blood. A fresh blood sample should be used for ferritin testing to ensure accurate results. A blood sample of approximately 100 microliters is required for ferritin testing.

Ferritin Testing Market: Drivers and Restraints

Rising patient pool suffering from the acute and iron deficiency and sickle cell anaemia may drive the growth of ferritin testing market. People suffering from hemochromatosis, lead poisoning, and pale skin may drive the ferritin testing market forward. Furthermore, rising rheumatoid arthritis demand will drive the ferritin testing market. The complete blood count test may propel the ferritin testing market forward. The growing patient pool for blood cancer and hepatitis may indicate a profitable growth for the ferritin testing market. Additionally, rising anaemia rates among children may drive revenue growth in the ferritin testing market over the forecast period.

Ferritin Testing Market: Overview

The growing patient pool suffering from iron deficiency is the primary driver of the ferritin testing market. By indication type, the ferritin testing market is expected to be dominated by anaemia disease, followed by hemochromatosis. The rising incidences of folic acid deficiency among pregnant women in developing countries such as India, South Africa, and Brazil will drive revenue growth in the ferritin testing market.

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Hospitals are expected to be the leading end-user segment in the ferritin testing market, followed by diagnostic laboratories. Due to the increased number of diagnostic and pathology labs in developed countries, as well as people visiting for routine body check-ups, the diagnostic laboratories segment will show lucrative growth in the ferritin testing market.

Ferritin Testing Market: Regional Overview

Because of the greater number of people suffering from haemoglobin deficiency-related complications, North America is the dominant region for the ferritin testing market. Following North America, Europe will show the most promising growth for the ferritin testing market during the forecast period, owing to an increase in female population suffering from iron deficiency in European countries. Because people in Latin America are less aware of blood-related disorders and anaemia, there will be less demand for ferritin testing.

Because of the rising female population suffering from folic acid deficiency, Asia Pacific will provide a good opportunity for the ferritin testing market. The ferritin testing market will expand rapidly in APAC countries such as India and China. Due to the low adoption rate of ferritin testing kits in this region, the Middle East and Africa ferritin testing market will grow at a slower pace.

Ferritin testing Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the market participants in ferritin testing market identified across the value chain include Eurolyser Diagnostica GmbH., Cortez Diagnostics Inc., Pointe Scientific, Inc., bioMérieux SA, Humankind Ventures Ltd., Doctorcall, Aviva Systems Biology Corporation, Abnova Corporation, Biopanda Reagents Ltd, Biocompare. Monobind Inc. and others.

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