Fenner PowerTwist V-Belts Offer a Wide Range of Benefits

A Polyurethane elastomer-covered polyester fabric offers a wide range of benefits for industrial applications, including reduced vibration and long-lasting performance. These belts are manufactured to a high quality and provide the ultimate in durability and performance. Visit https://www.zzr-parts.com/ to learn more. POWERTWIST v-belts offer the following advantages:

Polyurethane elastomer

The polyurethane elastomer Fennel Powertwist Belt is a high-performance belt made of individual links that are connected together by a twist-lock design. Unlike traditional V-belts, PowerTwist is not affected by oil, grease, or common industrial solvents. It can withstand high temperatures and offers high-speed performance without buckling or stretching. This polyurethane elastomer Fenner Powertwist Belt is available in both conventional V and classical V configurations.

Polyester fabric

The A/13/4L link Twist V Belt is an excellent replacement for the Fenner Powertwist Belt. This belt is made from polyurethane elastomer and is reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric. Its unique construction provides excellent flexibility, which allows it to assemble to any length without dismantling the fan and belt. The belt is also made of bonded materials to ensure power transmission.

Reduced transmission of vibration

The BMG range of Fenner power transmission components includes the PowerTwist Drive V-belt, which features an asymmetric weave double jacket. The belt is made of polyurethane elastomer and features multiple plies of polyester fabric for excellent resistance to abrasion and wear. Reduced transmission of vibration is one of the key benefits of this belt.


The new Fenner PowerTwist Plus V-Belt provides a permanent upgrade from traditional rubber V-belts. Its polyurethane elastomer material and polyester fabric provide superior strength and durability, as well as industry-standard horsepower ratings. This belt is also easy to install, and has the same cross-sectional dimensions as a conventional endless V-belt. It is a versatile solution for power transmission and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Reducing inventory costs

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, every business is looking for ways to reduce inventory costs and improve inventory turn-around time. Fenner Powertwist Belt has many benefits, including the ability to replace V-belts in a matter of minutes, no special tools required, and instant availability. The powertwist is also designed to reduce downtime and eliminate rusted motor base problems.

Fenner PowerTwist Plus V-Belt

A permanent upgrade for your fan drive system, the Fenner PowerTwist Plus V-Belt features a high-performance polyurethane elastomer (PUR) belt reinforced with polyester fabric. Designed for exceptional performance in demanding operating conditions, the PUR belt provides excellent wear resistance and horsepower ratings. Its unique cross-sectional dimensions are similar to those of a conventional endless V-belt, making installation and maintenance a breeze.

Unlike conventional V belts, which feature a continuous tensile cord, the PowerTwist Plus design eliminates this vibration transmission method, saving your bearings and reducing system noise. The PowerTwist Plus V belt can be easily installed on existing pulleys, minimizing downtime. The PowerTwist Plus design is RoHS 2002/95-compliant. For additional peace of mind, you can buy the anti-static version to be compliant with the RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive.

The PowerTwist Plus V-Belt is an ideal, permanent replacement for existing rubber V-Belts. Its unique twist-lock design enables it to withstand extreme temperatures, reducing inventory dollars tied to V belts. Plus V-Belts are easy to install, requiring no tools. They eliminate the need for machine tear-downs and rusted motor bases.