Feng Shui Checklist When Buying a New Home

When buying, unless we purposely know, we will not know what has happened to a home before. After all, if something bad has happened to a home, the seller will inevitably hide the matter and not say anything. So now let’s take a look, how should we dissolve it?

Feng Shui solution for Bad Homes:


Whether you live in a new home or an old home, it is best to redecorate it, especially the furniture that existed inside and so on, it is best to throw it all away. If you live in a bad house, it is natural to decorate it again, so that the original Yin Qi can be eliminated and become livable.

Change the Interior Layout

Living in a murderous house inside, the layout of the interior is best to change. For example, a room inside once dead, it is best to transform this room into a kitchen or stairwell, these places are usually seen, and at the same time can avoid staying alone, which helps to make the evil Qi dissipate.

Feng Shui Solution for Bad Houses

Placement of Objects

In the evil house is best to place some of the feng shui items that can ward off evil spirits, such as, rooster statue, mountain sea town, peach wood products. At the same time, you can also place the statue of Goddess of Mercy or Buddha to dissolve. Of course, if you want to hang gossip mirror, the compass, and so on, is also the same can produce feng shui effect.

Invite Major Events to Solve the Law

If you know it’s a bad house before you live in it, but you still choose to live in it, it’s best to ask a master to invite the spirits away before you move in. This method is essentially the best, but it is important to note that the master needs to have real material, otherwise it will be completely useless.

Feng Shui Solution for Bad Houses

Before living in the house, you have to make a big feast also it is best to first find their friends, relatives and so on to a feast, after all, even if it is not a murderous house, housewarming is also to celebrate. If a lot of people come, and very lively, then the residence will be heavier yang, at this time naturally can the evil house inside the evil gas is dispersed.

The above are some ways to dissolve the evil house. If you buy a bad house, it is best to resolve it, otherwise you live in it is likely to encounter a lot of bad things, such as daily panic, nightmares, sickness, accidents and so on.

Feng Shui Buying House Someone Died