Female Dress Code In Masonic Events

Women’s Freemasonry has become immensely popular around the world. Despite the widespread of women’s lodges, you will find little information on Freemasonry and women. When it comes to attending Masonic events, there are plenty of guidelines on dress clothes for men but no general information on the female dress code. While many times, you receive flyers or handouts for an event, which include dress code information, sometimes, you have to decide on your own, which becomes a bit overwhelming, and especially for women.

Today, we have shed light on general guidelines on what to wear at certain Masonic events.

Drinks at the Shrine – The Shrine bar is popular among members of various Masonic organizations. Although some Shrines don’t serve alcoholic beverages, others do. If you are attending the event, jeans and a t-shirt are the most appropriate choice. It’s best to avoid other options because it may damage respect from the older generations.

Fun Nights And Picnics – While jeans and a shirt is a safe bet, you can also consider wearing khakis and t-shirts. Think of dressing your best for the activity. Avoid wearing high heels. You don’t want to be alone standing aside, while others enjoy bowling or other activities.

Lodge Dinner and Lodge Meeting – Blue jeans are generally acceptable at some Lodges for business meetings; however, others prefer dress code like full tuxedoes for both men and women. If you’re there for social hour or dinner before or after a business meeting, it’s a great idea to dress your best. If you are uncertain, take opinions from other women about what you should wear for the next meetings.

Temple or Chapter – Many Grand Chapters have strict rules stating pants are not acceptable; however, chances of altering this rule are high. While this rule tends to be for Daughters, if you hold an office, your Queen or Worthy Matron will have a uniform for you. It could be from a full sequined outfit to a black skit and white top. When you are not sure, it’s best to wear a conservative dress.

Speciality Lodge Dinner – In addition to meetings, sometimes Lodges have a special event like dinners, such as Table Lodge, fundraisers, Ladies at the Table, and special dinners for Holidays. For such events, consider wearing khakis or pants with an elegant blouse. If it is a BBQ, you can think of wearing jeans and a shirt.

Dances – During such special occasions, many women get a special gown and get their makeup and hair done professionally. Though it is a dance, you don’t have to wear a poofy ball gown – a sleek grown will be right for the occasion.

Dresses that reveal too much are unacceptable in Masonic events. The more conservative dress you choose, the more elegant you look to yourself and the others.