Features you should never miss to include in your Uber for Mechanics app: Allow users to connect with professional car mechanics

The possibility of profit in any business depends on how perfectly you can reach your customers in terms of their location and the need for a particular service. It has been a task for marketers to isolate these customers and give them a perfect marketing message, so they remember your brand whenever they need a service.


This was the case until Uber revolutionized the taxi industry. It meant that the control was in the hands of the customer. They could demand a service whenever they needed . with the GPS technology in place and with the mapping assistance provided by navigation services, it was not possible for a service provider to precisely reach the location of the user.


There have been several manifestations of this revolution, and it includes but is not limited to food services, babysitting, and beauty services. One of the latest additions to this bandwagon is auto mechanic services.


The Relevance of Mechanics On Demand


On one hand, there has been a decline in the purchase of cars but at the same time, it cannot be denied that, there is an ongoing demand for car mechanics and bike mechanics. More often than not, there are instances when a simple tweak by a mechanic can get your vehicle started and good enough to be driven to the garage. However, it might not be possible for us common people to do the same. This all makes the Uber for mechanics more relevant and useful.


The Basic Features


Just like any other on-demand app, the Uber for mechanics is also supposed to have three interfaces. One of them is for the user, the next is for the service provider and the third is for the administrator.


The way in which the app functions is quite simple and straightforward. The user creates an account and registers the details of their vehicle. Similarly, service providers a.k.a. mechanics can register themselves by providing the details of the specialization. Based on the location of the user, the mechanic can be directed to offer the service that a user wants. The payment can be made either in person or through an online payment system. A review and rating system helps democratically gauge the service provider and the user.


Features for the User


The user should be able to easily register for the app. The app can either use the usual email address or phone number based registration or can incorporate social media logins and legacy logins like Google. This will make the entire registration process simple, straightforward and easy.


The user should be given access to track the location of the mechanic right from the time the request is accepted. This will give the user time to get the vehicle ready for inspection.


The user should also be able to schedule vehicle pickups and mechanic appointments. This will help them plan ahead and secure the mechanic lock before their calendar gets filled.


The user should be able to make payments using multiple payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, wallets, and UPI. The payment gateway should accept all these payment methods and should also be able to record payments made using cash.


Features for the Mechanic


Just like the user, the mechanic should also be able to quickly register for the app and its services without any hassle. In addition to the usual feature for users, they should also be provided with facilities to verify their identity and also list the specialization that they have.


If most of the payments are made through online platforms, the mechanic should be able to get their payments processed to their bank account as soon as possible. This increases the credibility of your app and the trust the mechanics built over your brand.


The mechanics should be able to engage in a conversation with your customers through chat engines present within the app. This will ensure that there is a clear understanding of the issue that needs to be solved, and they are better equipped to handle the situation.


Just like the users and to upkeep the democratic spirit of the app, the mechanics should also read the users based on their experience and behavior.


The Administrator App


The administrator functions like an all-seeing eye for the app and all its features. The administrator should have the power to control all the aspects of the Avenue including but not limited to the commercials, the users and the data.


The administrator should have the power to suspend users or mechanics for keeping the sanity and security of the app.


They should be able to initiate offers and discounts for the users based on the market situation. They should also be able to control the commission percentage.


The administrator should have access to a dashboard that gives analytical data, so they can make informed decisions about the next steps.


The Features to Focus On


Although the features quoted above are more than sufficient to make the app function, there are a few additional features that will help in increasing the customer delight and the trust that both users and the mechanics have on your app. 


Push notifications – a user does not always have the time to keep a tab on the progress of the booking. Therefore, a push notification facility that keeps users informed about the vital steps in the progress of the booking will be a crucial add on to your app. Notifications can also come in handy when pushing offers and discounts.


However, it is to be understood that push notifications are a double-edged sword. It should be handled with care, so users do not perceive your brand to be spam.


Offering certified mechanics – in most cases, a car that users have is a result of years and years of saving and they might not be comfortable with the idea of their car being repaired by novice mechanics. If your app offers to connect mechanics end users, it is mandatory on the part of your app that the mechanics are screened for their credibility. Having a certification in place to ensure that your customers get their service with a guaranteed degree of professionalism.




We’ve seen apps like YourMechanic already succeed in the existing on-demand mechanics market. The market is still wide and open. If you would like to capitalise on this opportunity by creating an on-demand mechanic app, all you need to do is approach a company that specialises in creating Uber for mechanics app solution. It is quite possible that they already have white label clones of Uber, and the app only needs to be slightly modified to accommodate the concept of mechanics on demand. This not only saves you a lot of time but also a considerable amount of money.