Features of Destiny 2 by Bungie Inc.

Destiny 2 Free Download PC game is a massively-multiplayer online role playing game from the producers of Halo and Counter Strike. The game is developed by Bungie, a studio created by Bungie Inc. This game has received critical acclaim from gaming critics all around the world. Destiny 2 pits you against aliens who have colonized your earth. Your task in the game is to fight off these aliens using new weapons and Gear. In this article I will discuss some of the features of Destiny 2 that appeal to me.

Character Customization

The character you create in the game can be anything you want. You can be a warrior, a thief, a marine, a doctor, and much more. Each character has his or her own perks, weapons, and armor. You can build your character as you like in the game and you can choose what character you will be, at the beginning of the game. This is a nice feature, but one that is not very interesting.


Your character has a limited number of inventory items he or she can carry. The more expensive the item is the more you will need to carry it. Certain weapons also have a limit on how many you can carry. This feature is not very exciting, but it does add a little bit of “balance” into the game.


You can craft items in the game. You can sell them for a profit in the market. You can also loot items that other players leave behind. These can sometimes contain high-grade materials that are worth quite a lot of money. This adds another element of adventure into the game.


You start with one character in the game. You can also choose to change your character at any time by visiting the character selection screen. There is also a special story line that progresses depending on which character you have chosen. It’s interesting to see how the game progresses with each different character.

Online chat

This is a nice feature as it allows you to get some support from fellow gamers while playing the game. However, there is currently no way to communicate with your friends when you are playing from the PC. You must connect to the game using the Internet through your LAN. Although this might pose a problem for some players.

Online leader boards

The game comes with a leader board. Players can challenge others to a head to head battle and see who becomes the new leader. This is a good feature, but it could be enhanced. For example, the leader board could have a treasure chest that players can loot items off of. It would also make the game more fun if the chests were not always filled to the brim.

Downloading the game

To download the game, you must have an Internet connection. To help out in this aspect, the game comes included with a Wizardry program that makes it very easy to transfer data between your computer and the game. It also comes with an installer program that is simple to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you will be ready to play. There are other add-ons that can be used to further enhance the enjoyment of the game. You can also find various tips and secrets that can be used to become an expert at your own game.

Chat system

The chat system is great because it allows you to interact with other players while playing the game. This is great because it helps to keep you from getting bored while you are playing the game. In addition, you can meet people from all around the world who are playing the game at the same time. This is a very enjoyable aspect of the game. You can even exchange cheats and other strategies.

Various gaming options

The features of the game are excellent. However, it is also a good idea to take advantage of the available gaming options. For example, you have the choice of playing on Xbox Live Arcade, which allows you to play against other players who have chosen the same game as you. You can also choose to play on the test mode, which gives you a chance to explore the game in a testing environment. There are also options where you can chat with other players or choose to compete against them in head to head games.

Online leader boards

If you want to become a top player, you will need to hone your skills by going against others. The online leader boards provide an excellent platform to do just that. On the leader board, you will see the scores of others and it is up to you to improve your own score. The game modes include all sorts of challenges for all kinds of people – you will definitely find one that is right for you. You can play one on one or team competitions.