Features and price of oxygen concentrator in India

A device that aids in increasing the amount of oxygen in the air is an oxygen concentrator. It is frequently used to treat the signs and symptoms of low blood oxygen levels. It is crucial to conduct research before buying an oxygen concentrator because there are numerous different types and models on the market. A summary of several factors you should take into account when looking for an oxygen concentrator is provided in this article.

The sort of machine you wish to purchase will affect the price of an oxygen concentrator. A 10 litre oxygen concentrator costs between Rs. 1,00,000 and 1,30,000, while a 5 litre type costs between Rs. 40,000 and 60,000. Costs for portable oxygen concentrators exceed Rs. 150,000.

American oxygen concentrators are more expensive than Chinese and Indian models.

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Electricity Usage

A medical device known as an oxygen concentrator uses outside air to produce concentrated oxygen for the user. It is a lightweight, portable device that is silent and convenient for use both at home and on the go. An oxygen concentrator’s power consumption is one of its key characteristics.

The normal power consumption of an oxygen concentrator is 500 watts, or about the same as a regular light bulb. The model and manufacturer will have an impact on the power usage. Different models have different levels of energy efficiency.

When picking a machine, it’s crucial to take the oxygen concentrator’s power requirements into account. Make sure that the machine does not significantly raise your electricity bill if you plan to use it at home.

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One of the considerations you should make when purchasing an oxygen concentrator is the weight. Make sure to verify the weight before you buy because certain versions might be pretty heavy.

A portable oxygen concentrator typically weights 2 to 5 kg. Models of 5 litre oxygen concentrators weigh between 12 and 19 kg, whereas models of 10 LPM weigh between 20 and 35 kg.

Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI)

The oxygen concentrator draws air from the space and removes gases like nitrogen. The patient is then given the resultant air via a face mask or nasal cannula.

An oxygen purity indicator is one of an oxygen concentrator’s characteristics. This tool enables you to check whether the machine is operating properly and whether the oxygen delivery is more than 86%. The oxygen purity indicator is a crucial component since it can let you know if the patient is getting enough oxygen.

If the oxygen purity drops below 86%, the machine will begin to produce a red light.

Noise Level

You should consider the sound level if you want an oxygen concentrator that is quiet. When you’re attempting to focus or sleep, some oxygen concentrators’ loud noises can be distracting. Select an oxygen concentrator with a sound output that is under 50 decibels.