Features and benefits of keg pump

Again, the nature of new keg containers created a need to have a device that made it easier to access keg content without any struggle; the pump uses the mechanical advantage to operate with ease upon being pumped; this article gives deep insights on pump features and benefits.


A keg pump is a simple device to pump beer from a keg container. Before beer, vendors used jugs to serve beers before dispensing on glasses, thus subject to limitations such as beer drops; to minimize cost, improve service efficiency, and profit maximization, a keg pump was created that works efficiently and faster.

With the high keg consumption rate consequently creating demand, there was a need to increase service delivery and operation; the pump has made customer servicing straightforward, attributed to its key features.

The handle

The keg handle o instead called a beer tap in some circumstances, is a simple valve that allows easy flow of the liquid (beer); this being one of the critical components of the pump is simple and easy to operate, so operate it well, one needs to hold from the bottom and steadily pull it forward, this ensures the beer is not poured out in a foamy state which might not be customer desire, the bubbly state might also cause the beer to splash out.

Pump (stroke)

The keg pump has a special section commonly described as a short stroke which is critical in ensuring smooth and fast pumping of beer or keg. By the point of being a stroke, it can easily be swerved gently with a little force and operated as one pumps a keg or beer out of the cylinder.

The transient nature of the pump stroke has simplified its control, and one can quickly move it while operating the beer pump.

Strong brass body

The pump handle being used from time to time and used regularly might be subject to damage; the pump handle body is built using brass, which helps counter baby breakage; this brass feature also enhances the pump’s durability.

The pump is also given a forged smooth lining from the outside, making it easy to handle, and operate and friendly to human hands.

The pump’s durability helps save costs for buying new components or frequent maintenance.

Smooth beer line

The keg pump has a clean beer line attached to both the hand pump and the keg cylinder, this component of the device component is used to transport beer once it has been pumped to glasses as it has a faucet for controlling beer being poured.

This pump component is often submerged in ice while not used to maintain a good state of beer or keg flowing through it.

ConclusionA keg pump serves a vital role in helping keg; it is the biggest compliment of the keg container and has top components that aid its operation, a stroke pump that fastens beer pumping, and a manageable lever handle for simple, easy and fast beer tapping. The pump also has a brass body feature that enhances its durability despite the device’s frequent use. For more, check keg pump price in Kenya.


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