FDS Syndicated Mortgage Investors Exit Two Brampton Projects with Boosted Returns

MISSISSAUGA, ON–(Marketwired – Oct 03, 2020) – FDS Broker Services Inc. are pleased to announce that syndicated mortgage investors in two Brampton projects, by Future Developments, have achieved complete exits on their investment. 

“This is the 8th time that a group of our clients, investing in syndicated mortgages that fund Future Real Development projects, have realized a full return of their principal while achieving these stellar returns,” said FDS Broker Services CEO Aleem Somji. “We anticipate several more of these exits through the remainder of this year, and could not be happier for these investors.”

“We would like to congratulate FDS Broker Service, as well as the Future Developments team, on the successful completion of both projects,” said Somji. “We are proud to be part of the team bringing this unique project to the residents of Brampton.”

“Exceptional real estate development opportunities combining quality location, experienced development partners, and the due diligence performed by Future Real Developments are what make these syndicated mortgages such an appealing option for investors,” said Timmy Jones, COO of FDS Broker Services. “It truly is the best way to invest in the proven market of Canadian real estate development.”

A syndicated mortgage allows several investors to pool their funds together into a single mortgage loan. In this case, investors were sought by FDS Broker Services, providing the funds needed by Future Developments to take their vision for this project from conception to execution. “It’s the team from Future Real Developments that really brings it all together,” said Glenn April, President and Principal Broker of FDS Broker Services. “Future has incredible expertise and experience in finding these dynamic real estate development opportunities, and our investors realize 8% annual returns as a result.”

Through its relationship with Future Real Developments, FDS Broker Services helps everyday investors combine their resources in order to fund large-scale Canadian real estate developments, in partnership with blue-chip developers, via a registered mortgage instrument. These syndicated mortgages offer investors remarkable returns, as well as a viable alternative to the products typically held in their portfolios that are not generating the same yield, or are constantly fluctuating in value.

“It’s an excellent product for clients with an investment time frame of 3 to 5 years who are looking to get off the roller coaster of investments that fluctuate in value,” said Popli. “We have new projects coming available on a regular basis, so if you’re looking for a consistent rate of return, less stress, and yields of 8% or more, you need to contact us today.”

These mortgage investments can be made with cash, and are also RSP, LIRA, LIF, RIF, RESP, and TFSA eligible, with a minimum investment of $30,000 required. Mortgage investing is not necessarily for everyone, and investors must speak with a licensed mortgage broker or agent to see if they qualify.

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FDS Broker Services Inc. – FDS Broker Services is Canada’s premier distributor of syndicated mortgage investments in Future Real Developments projects, which offer clients an annual 8% fixed rate of return on their investment in the proven market of Canadian real estate development.


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