Father’s Day 2021: Date, Significance, & Lesser Known Facts You Need To Know!

Father’s Day is around the corner & we just can’t keep calm! Due to the current pandemic situation, there can be nothing sweeter than bombarding your dad with inspiring, funny, emotional father’s day quotes 2021 that are sure to leave him all emotional & happy!

Isn’t it like that every time we talk about Father’s Day, why is it just confined to extravagant celebrations rather than digging deep & knowing its history, importance, & a few fun facts! Why not, right?

This Father’s Day, let’s not just mark this day for celebrating or honoring your dads, but also reading in detail as to why we celebrate this so special day! Father’s Day is celebrated every third Sunday, & this year it will fall on 20th June 2021.

A father is somebody who touches the lives of his children & lights it up completely! Therefore, Father’s Day is celebrated to honor & celebrate all the fathers around the world, their journey’s & contributions in a child’s life! Scroll down to learn more about the big day, its history, significance, & a few interesting facts too!

History & Significance:

Traditionally, Father’s Day has been celebrated since the early 20th century in many parts of the world at different times of the year, mostly in March, May, & June. This day is largely a celebration but it’s also equally to go a step further & learn about the history & significance of the special day! Let’s go!

Though Father’s Day Origin is not clear, it can be considered from two different stories! The first story starts as Father’s Day was founded in the USA, at the Spokane, Washington YMCA in the year 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd.

After a year of petitioning, Dodd’s home state of Washington celebrated its first-ever official Father’s Day on June 19, 1910. Post that, the day was finally declared as a national holiday in 1972 when the President of the USA Richard Nixon signed it into law. 

Sonora heard about Anna Jarvis, who started Mother’s Day to honor her mother. Sonora told the pastor of her church that there should also be a special day to celebrate fathers too! Sonora’s father was a single parent & raised 6 kids after she lost her mother at the age of 16. Though she wanted the day to be observed on June 5 as it was her father’s birthday, it was pushed to the third of every Sunday in June.

Whereas the second story talks about where Grace Golden Clayton wanted to establish Father’s Day for children who had lost their fathers in a mine explosion. Now, this mishap took the lives of around 360 men & thus she wanted a special day for the children to honor & remember their fathers! Though the day was not established then, and it only became official after Sonora’s proposal.

In several countries like the USA, UK, Canada, India, France, China, Japan, Philippines, & South Africa, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. However, this day is also marked on other days in Russia as it is celebrated on 23rd February, 19th March in Spain, first Sunday of June in Switzerland, first Sunday of June In Austria & Belgium, 21st June in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan & Syria, & first September in Australia, New Zealand, etc!


Father’s Day is a day to honor the contribution of fathers, paternal bonds towards their family & society. It’s a wonderful occasion to not just honor your dads, but father figures too! No doubt as much as a mother is important, fathers are equally important too! The way mothers are considered as the support system of the family, fathers are the pillars of confidence & no doubt a shoulder to cry in the need of the hour.

Their role is big & thus deserves a bigger appreciation too. This day has an immense amount of significance & therefore, you should take time for your fathers and make them feel special!

Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with fun & interesting facts!

Isn’t it cool that the fathers of the nation fight through all the zombies of the world just for you? Well, yes! To honor the occasion, let’s celebrate Father’s Day by looking at some interesting & fun facts about the day!

Father’s Day is the fourth most popular occasion for sending greeting cards, after Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, & Christmas. 

Rose is the official flower of Father’s Day. And traditionally, fathers should be given the great gift of beautiful red roses signifying a living father, while a white one represents a deceased one!

Father’s Day was originally met with laughter, unlike Mother’s Day. It was the target of great satire, derision, & parody with a local newspaper that would lead to mindless promotions such as ‘National Clean Your Desk Day.’

For Father’s Day, the tie is traditionally the most popular gift.

In Thailand, Father’s Day is marked as the birthday of the king. Thais celebrate this day by giving their father or grandfather a Canna flower.

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Celebrating Fathers & Learning Digitally About Father’s Day!

Every child needs to know & be aware of all the sacrifices & efforts their ‘pappa’ takes to give them a good life! This helps in strengthening the bond of the two & contributing to the emotional development of the child as well.

Every year on this day, you would just celebrate & give gifts to your father, right? But recently, it’s an opportunity to learn & know more about Father’s Day date, significance, history, & a few fun facts that you might want to know! Wish your fathers a very Happy Father’s Day & reciprocate the love they have given you all their life!