Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Waldorf, Maryland

On May 26, 2024, at approximately 9:25 p.m., emergency personnel responded to a fatal motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian on Berry Road in the area of McDaniel Road. According to a 911 caller, an elderly man was attempting to cross the street when he was struck by a vehicle. Emergency personnel arriving at the scene found the male pedestrian deceased in the roadway. The pedestrian, identified as Albert Poku-Sarkodee, 75, of Waldorf, had crossed westbound Maryland Route 228 from Briarwood Drive and was crossing eastbound Berry Road (Maryland Route 228) on foot. At the same time, a 2008 Toyota Avalon, driven by Kevin Shupe, 34, from Mechanicsville, Maryland, was traveling eastbound on Berry Road in lane 2 and struck the pedestrian. The driver was not injured and remained at the scene. Maryland State Police continue to investigate the incident.

Role of Attorneys in Pedestrian Accident Cases

In the aftermath of such tragic accidents, the involvement of attorneys is crucial. Attorneys specializing in accident cases help victims’ families seek justice and compensation for their losses. For those affected in Waldorf, Waldorf, Maryland Accident Attorneys provide essential legal support, ensuring that all aspects of the case are thoroughly examined.

Investigating the Accident

Attorneys play a pivotal role in investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. This includes gathering evidence from the accident scene, reviewing police reports, and consulting with accident reconstruction experts. Establishing the cause of the accident is vital for determining liability. Victims’ families can benefit from the expertise of Maryland Accident Attorneys who are skilled in handling such detailed investigations.

Determining Liability

Liability in pedestrian accidents can be complex, involving multiple parties. Attorneys work to identify all responsible parties, which may include drivers, vehicle manufacturers, or even government entities responsible for road maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures that victims’ families can seek compensation from all liable sources. Engaging experienced Accident Attorneys is crucial in navigating these legal complexities.

Securing Compensation for Victims’ Families

Families of victims in pedestrian accidents are entitled to compensation for various damages, including medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. Attorneys advocate on behalf of their clients to secure fair settlements. They negotiate with insurance companies, ensuring that the families receive the maximum possible compensation for their losses. For comprehensive legal representation, consulting with attorneys provides the necessary support and guidance.

Legal Support in the Aftermath

The aftermath of a fatal pedestrian accident can be overwhelming for the victims’ families. Attorneys provide crucial support during this difficult time, guiding families through the legal processes involved in seeking justice and compensation. This includes filing wrongful death claims, if applicable, and representing the family’s interests in court. The compassionate and dedicated approach of Waldorf, Maryland Accident Attorneys helps families cope with the legal challenges while they grieve their loss.


The role of attorneys in the aftermath of a severe pedestrian accident is indispensable. From investigating the incident and determining liability to securing fair compensation for the victims’ families, attorneys provide essential services that ensure justice and support for those affected. Their expertise helps navigate the complex legal landscape, offering families a path toward recovery and financial stability. Whether dealing with immediate expenses or long-term impacts, engaging a skilled attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of an accident case.