After graduation, Mehdi Raad joined tech companies Ericsson and Apple, during which he had the chance to tour the world (32 countries). During that time, he had difficulty finding clothes that were appealing and comfortable. Inspired to make a change, he decided to code an algorithm based on a sample of 30,000 million people to fix this very issue.

During his travels he discovered cultures, religions, preferences, styles and colors. Among them Rome, Johannesburg, and Delhi which inspired him to unleash his creative side. He exposed myself to the science of colors, fabrics, and sampling. I approached fashion from an engineering angle and created my first prototype based on calculations.

The idea was to develop an engineering process to build a consistently great garment, guided by an efficient algorithm to determine the best fit. Comfort, fit and style – these are the challenges that I was looking to solve. The meeting of fashion and science!

When people saw the first prototype, the feedback was overwhelming. For the first time he started to believe that he could create his own line, but the timing was not right due to his frequent mobility.  After landing in San Diego for a two week project for his Tech company and after meeting a factory owner he decided to create our fashion house in room 642. To date it is still the home of Maceoo.

Maceoo is funded by passion, obsession, the fear of failure, striving for greatness and knowing that we are doing something great these things give me the strength to get out of bed the next day and carry on. This is the reason why we called this company Maceoo for its meaning “a gift from the Gods, it takes a Godly effort to bootstrap and keep it going!

There have been hard times – ones when you literally want to give up every day. “You go to bed thinking “I’m done. I can’t go on.” For five years, I worked two jobs to pay the bills while developing and launching Maceoo,” says Raad  We finally reached 365 Point of Sale and had a full team of talented individuals to grow the brand.

The company is currently carried in all the better stores in USA and dress many celebrities and athletes including John Travolta, Lady Gaga, and many more.




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