Fast marriages are possible in Malta! Get the Exclusive Details

Destination weddings have been popular among couples for a long while now. Among hundreds of romantic wedding setups, you can easily find affordable destination wedding packages in Malta. It’s very human of us to get married in a dream-like location, and Malta makes up for one of the ideal wedding destinations. 


It is quite a popular European destination wedding for GCC expats too for its inexpensive setup with a beautiful view. Those couples who are looking to get married fast legally will find Malta desirable for the obvious reasons described below. 

Essential Fast Marriage Facts About Malta you should Know 

Planning a marriage requires love, care, effort, and cash (obviously) regardless of the wedding destination. However, if you want Malta to be your wedding destination following are the fast marriage documents and other information you must remember. 

  • Zero minimum residency period before marriage (hurray!) 
  • All ceremonies, religious and civil,  are legally binding
  • Marriage takes place in a marriage registry or any authorized venue approved by the registry office 
  • Issuance of a marriage certificate is in English 
  • Same marriages are legally binding in Malta and internationally! 

Document Requirements to Fulfill 

Foreigners need to prepare  fast marriage documents that include; 

  • Certificate of No Impediment or Free Status Certificate – This document states that you are not married priorly. If you are single (not married before) get this from a local registrar.
  • Birth Certificate 
  • RZ1 (Marriage application) – To assist a civil or church wedding. 
  • RZ2 (Declarations on oath) – It should be signed in presence of a solicitor. The solicitor must use his stamp and seal to make it binding. 
  • Passports – With the applications you can use a copy, but remember to bring the original to Malta. 
  • Deed Poll Certificate – This certificate is required if you changed names. In case you are under 18, take consents from guardians.

You need to ensure that the Certificate of No Impediment and Birth Certificates are either originals or a notary has certified them. These two basic documents should also be translated into English or Maltese by a certified Translator. 

Keep the VAT Receipts with You 

If you are a foreigner planning to get married in Malta, as long as you have your ID card, you can always claim the Value Added Tax (VAT) on your wedding expenses! 

For example, buying decorations, getting your hair done, etc. can pile up as a huge sum of money. Even if it’s not a big wedding you can recover 13.01% of the total expense. It’s free money you can get back. 

Just make sure you have kept all VAT receipts from the very first expense to the last one on your list. You will also need the VAT number of all service providers. This is applicable within the 6months post-wedding. Plus, you need to fill the form to claim the VAT. 

How to Apply for Marriage in Maltese?

Start by putting forth the request for a marriage application. That’s why you will need to fill the form RZ1. 

Submit the form to the Marriage Registry (either Valetta or Gozo) 

The RZ1 application must be received 6 weeks before the actual wedding date. 

On your arrival in Malta, visit the Marriage Registry. At this point, you need your original passports. 

State the intended destination of marriage in your wedding application. In case you want to relocate the marriage location, a 3-week notice prior to the marriage is a must. 

State the name of the religious priest (if it’s a religious ceremony). 

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