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Let’s talk about disk clone software, also called disk copy software. It’s like having a magic wand that duplicates everything from your HDD or SSD to another hard drive. And I mean everything – your operating system, partition setup, even your favorite apps and personal files.

Imagine having a carbon copy of your original disk on a new one, so you can fire up your system from the cloned drive. Pretty neat, right?


Now, if you’re after free disk cloning software to move your data around, you’re in for a treat! We’ve scoured the web and found a super easy-to-use cloning tool just for you. Dive into the details below!

Looking for Speedy Disk Clone Tool? Check Out AOMEI Backupper!

So, does Windows 10 come with a built-in cloning tool? Nah, there’s no native Windows cloning software that can do disk-to-disk cloning. If you’re thinking about copying stuff from one disk to another in Windows 10 or any other system, you gotta turn to third-party software. 

Now, copying disk to disk can take a bit of time, depending on how big the disks are. But trust me, it’s way quicker than setting up each machine separately, especially if you’re dealing with lots of apps.

Now, let’s talk about blazing-fast disk-to-disk cloning software, and AOMEI Backupper is the champ in this game. It rocks a Disk Clone feature that lets you move your entire hard drive to another HDD or SSD in a snap. Plus, it’s got Partition Clone if you only wanna clone a specific partition instead of the whole disk. It’s fully compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, and it’s packed with killer features that make disk-to-disk cloning a breeze.

  • Intelligent Clone: This baby uses the fastest method to copy only the used sectors and skips over the bad ones from the source. Perfect for cloning onto smaller SSDs hassle-free. 
  • Sector By Sector Clone: With this option, it clones every single sector from the source drive to the destination, keeping the original disk layout intact for easy data recovery. 
  • SSD Alignment: Since SSDs and HDDs work differently, this feature optimizes partition alignment along SSD block boundaries during cloning, boosting SSD performance like a boss.

How to Clone Disk Easily via Lossless Disk Clone Software

With AOMEI Backupper, say goodbye to the boring task of moving data, settings, apps, and programs to your new drive. Now, in the next section, we’ll walk you through using AOMEI Backupper’s disk cloning feature for cloning HDD to SSD, HDD to HDD, or SSD to SSD clones.

Step 1. Plug in your new disk to your PC. Get the AOMEI Backupper cloning software, install and launch it. Then, hit Clone, followed by Disk Clone.


Step 2. Pick the disk you want to clone from (the source disk) and hit Next

Step 3. Choose where you want to save the cloned stuff (the destination disk) and click Next

  • Note: You’ll get a heads-up that the destination disk will get wiped clean. So, it’s smart to back up your files beforehand. Otherwise, they’ll be toast after cloning. 

Step 4. If you’re cloning onto an SSD, check the box for SSD Alignment to boost its performance. You can also go for Sector by Sector Clone to copy everything from the old hard drive. 

Step 5. Hit Start Clone to kick off the disk cloning party on Windows with ease.


  • Make sure your target disk has enough room before you start cloning, or it won’t work.
  • Disk Clone doesn’t play nice with dynamic disks. Use System Clone or Partition Clone if you’re dealing with dynamic disks.

So, how do you boot up from your shiny new cloned system disk safely? If your cloned hard drive has your operating system on it, here’s the drill: Restart your computer and keep tapping a specific key (usually F2, F8, F12, Del) to dive into BIOS Setup -> Boot. Then, make sure to set the cloned disk as the top dog in the boot lineup in BIOS. Or, you can swap out the old hard drive with the new one and fire up your PC from the cloned drive straight away.

Winds up

In a nutshell, disk cloning rocks for moving your stuff from an old disk to a new one hassle-free. With this, you get all the perks of a fresh hard drive – think faster speeds, quicker boot-ups, and a tougher drive overall.

For a free disk-to-disk cloning party, count on AOMEI Backupper which focuses on system backup and cloning. It makes cloning to an SSD, or even a smaller one, a breeze. Plus, it’s got your back with loads of backup options to keep your Windows systems, hard drives, partitions, and files safe and sound.