Fashion without compromising on Safety Measures

Whenever you talk or think about any wearing items being it is for a casual day by day use garments or bridal clothes you primarily focus on the design, which must suit the personality and become a signature designer for the person using it, making your events long-lasting memory stuff with beautiful look. One important thing which most people forget to determine is taking care of your health through some safety measures. As we are going through a pandemic that can only be overcome through safety measures as we cannot compromise on safety.

Focusing on this reality and fact designer 5G clothing have developed some new products which have gained immense popularity in little time and have won different awards as a recognition for amazing designing in different events which includes the winner of Style Awards, Best in Retails, Leader in Fashion, Wow Awards, Best International Success Mentor, Fame International Designer and chosen as Paris fashion week designer and the list goes on.

Fashion Safe and Trusted Products

Detachable Hood: This product is designed specially to protect your brain from the mobile phone infrared waves which can damage the brain cells and cause brain tumours and cancer also. You can wear this stuff with any collection being it clothes or any form of a jacket.

Tops: During the period of pregnancy, it is important to wear clothes focusing on the health of the unborn. If you are a regular user of the electronic device and cannot take a break from the work then it is the best solution to wear a fashion designed top which would keep you working without any loss to your baby health and your look outside.

Neck Top: As a working woman the chest area and neck become the spotlight of electronic rays which can work as a silent killer and would cause hormone imbalance and breast cancer without knowingly. So, you need to wear this underneath as it has back and backless variety with the different colour choices of yours. These are made from silver shielding fabrics.

Vest Top: It is perfect for every individual, those who work at the office or continuously remain under attack from EMF and remain exposed to it which can increase the risk of stroke and heart diseases and for children, it secures their developing muscles and organs.

EMF Masks: Mask has now become the compulsory part of every individual for the protection against the covid viruses. Mostly people worried about the efficiency of mask and changing it every next day but the solution is now here, these masks are different from the common ones as it contains silver ions which have power to kill the virus and the amazing thing is that you don’t need to change it again as it is everlasting and efficient. The main vision behind these products is to give power against the invisible for the betterment of humanity against the EMF and viruses. The main theme is “Be Powerful Not Powerless” and the protection of every individual from these silent killers. You can easily place your order and buy it online without the need to move outside which can be dangerous too. including being a fashion judge at the upcoming OFF de Cannes festival this weekend on July 14th where she will be awarding someone with their very own award called the Charisma Award, an honour that no designer in Ireland has been asked to do before