Fashion Nova Relief Recipients Tell Their Stories

Fashion Nova, a leading fashion brand, has not only been on the frontline in meeting its customers’ fashion needs, but also giving back to society. The renowned fashion and lifestyle brand responded quickly to the urgency of helping COVID-19 pandemic victims at the start of the pandemic.

In April 2020, Fashion Nova partnered with rapper Cardi B, a cultural icon, to launch a philanthropic initiative that would offer relief to affected families. The program involved giving $1 million to affected people from April 8, 2020 to May 20, 2020. The philanthropic initiative, Fashion Nova Cares, and Cardi B promised to send $1,000 every hour during that period to struggling individuals and families.

Fashion Nova’s CEO, Richard Saghian, remarked, “Fashion Nova Cares with Cardi B will provide people with necessary relief to help them get through the crisis.”

Cardi B and Fashion Nova called on those in need of relief to submit their requests. Hundreds of individuals sent their forms. Some shared their stories and explained what they planned to do with the grants. Here are some of the relief recipients’ inspiring stories:

SADIE G. – Escondido, CA

The single mother of one said that she and her son had contracted COVID-19 and she was out of work for three weeks. Moreover, her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and had also lost her job. Sadie, therefore, had to chip in and support her mom.

 “This virus is miserable, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Anything would help us. God bless y’all and Cardi for stepping during this time. Thank you!”

LA-TONIA J. – Budd Lake, NJ

A volunteer at Convent Avenue Baptist Church and the Young Adult Ministry leader, La-Tonia helps to feed frontline hospital workers, EMTs, and the police. However, she, her husband, and other group members lost their jobs and couldn’t fund the ministry.

“We aim to partner with a local restaurant in Harlem to provide 200 meals to be distributed on April 25th. This will help us get closer to our goal. I have 2 children who are 6 and 8 but, I’m not asking for anything for myself. I’m focused on helping others.”

SANTRECE H. – Stone Mountain, GA

A worker at a clinic for Low-Income Senior Citizens, Santrece had been putting her health at risk to take care of others. She believed that the relief would go a long way in helping her patients, especially those who couldn’t fend for themselves.

Right now, we’re all coming out of pocket, but as the number of employees decreases due to becoming symptomatic or lack of childcare/funds, it’s becoming harder to provide for them.”


Gabrielle and her mother were on the verge of eviction, having failed to pay rent. They’d both lost their jobs and couldn’t raise money due to their situation.

If I could get this money to help us keep our home, my mom has struggled her whole life to raise four girls all by herself, and if this is the only way I can help her, then please, I hope you see this.”

KA’NISHA R. – Richardson, TX

An ICU nurse in Texas, Ka’nisha is also a wife and a mother to a one-year-old. Her husband lost his job, and Ka’nisha had to foot all the bills while putting her health and her family at risk.