Fashion: It’s a Mad World

What is Fashion?

I was having a tough time figuring out exactly how to describe fashion. I began by writing the word down, and then I started thinking about what it means. I realized that “fashion” is simply the way you dress yourself in your culture or society. It’s the way you choose to express yourself. For example, there are so many different styles of clothing, but they all fall under the category of “fashion”. There’s formal wear (like evening gowns), casual wear (like jeans), and sportswear (like basketball jerseys). Basically, if you’re wearing something on your body right now- it’s probably considered as fashion!

Fashion Styles: What Are They?

Each culture has its own styles of clothing that people wear regularly. If you go somewhere like Japan or India for example, people will be dressed differently from what we’re used to here in the United States! The women might have their heads covered up with a scarf or hat and they might be wearing long robes over their bodies while walking around town on their knees- because they don’t want to step on insects! All of these differences are ways that these cultures express themselves through fashion. Without them even realizing it, they’ve created completely different fashion styles than what we have here in America. The expanding fashion industry is constantly creating new styles of clothing that people can wear.

Fashion Rules and Trends: What Are They?

Another way we express ourselves through fashion is by following the rules in a particular style. For example, we have all experienced a certain type of clothing becoming popular for a certain amount of time. This is called a “trend”, which means you follow the same rules that everyone else does to dress like everyone else does. In high school, I remember this one trend where everyone wore skinny jeans and high heels with different kinds of sweaters to represent your own unique style! The name for this trend was “Rugby Style”, because Rugby players were also wearing skinny jeans and it became cool thanks to them! Another popular trend was dressing up in Victorian era costumes because they were so beautiful and fashionable, but after some time it stopped being “in” or stylish- so people had no choice but to change their trends! Fashion trends are very similar, except they usually don’t last as long as an entire era before changing into something else. These fashion trends include things like getting tattoos (it used to be pretty biker-ish too) or cutting your hair short with only one color (like pink). These are just some examples though; there are many more ways we’re influenced by trends today when it comes down to fashion choices.

Fashion Trends: How Do They Start?

This is a very interesting question because I’ve always wondered how fashion trends actually get started! I had an idea, but I wanted to be sure that what I thought was true. So, I did some research, and it turns out that there are usually a few different people who are responsible for starting fashion trends in the beginning! First off, there’s the person who has their own style and creates it themselves. These people usually have a blog or Instagram account where they show off their outfits to the world. This could be someone like Alexa Chung from Man Repeller who has her own style blog called “Man Repeller”. She posts pictures of herself wearing different outfits on her website and makes over $1 million dollars yearly just by blogging about fashion! Another great example would be Taylor Swift with her Instagram account (@taylorswift), which she uses as another way to express herself through photos of her clothing choices. The next step in starting a trend is when these people begin helping other celebrities dress themselves with amazing outfits.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and that it was helpful in explaining how fashion works! I’ll see you on the next post!