Complete Guide on Fashion eCommerce App Development

The Fashion eCommerce app development solution offers entrepreneurs in the fashion industry a surefire opportunity to thrive their businesses. Given the number of smartphones and tablets growing globally. And smartphone users want to do everything on their mobile devices, including buying clothes and accessories. 

As a result, the growth of fashion apps has led to the emergence of an entire industry devoted to designing apps for the fashion retail and manufacturing market. Noteworthy, the main area of focus for the Fashion application developers is to create applications compatible with major operating systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

And to give an example of the most successful fashion eCommerce app, we have YesStyle, which witnesses an average year-on-year business growth of 35%. 

Little more about YesStyle

YesStyle, a leading global fashion eCommerce site based in Asia with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices across the world, operating its platform with iOS, Android, and Web apps. 

In addition to that, YesStyle is the premier online fashion destination for everything Asian: beauty, accessories, and clothing ranging from casual to formal attire. The app allows users to browse through YesStyle’s inventory of over 800 brands and 70,000 items from anywhere at any time.

The company strives to provide an unparalleled online shopping experience through its innovative web design, massive product selection, secure checkout process, and fast delivery times.

YesStyle success is inspiring, and if you deal in the same industry, you should learn from it. Just by integrating an eCommerce mobile app into your fashion retail or manufacturing business, you can expand your business and grow 10X faster.

Features you need to build a fashion eCommerce application

Here are the features that make a fashion eCommerce app user-friendly, attracting more customers to try and shop on your platform.

Admin’s Panel to monitor what customers buy, sell or add to their wishlistSeller portal if you want other merchants to sell their items on your platformBuyer portal where customers will browse and buy items they like
DashboardAccount creationProfile Set up
Manage Commercial ProposalProduct Gallery & DetailsShopping by Genre
Manage App MembershipAdd/Remove products Advanced Search
Monitor Sales & TransactionsManage Product pricePlace orders
History Confirm Order Live Tracking
Manage ReviewsCreate CouponsNotification
Customer ServiceAnalyze Product ReviewPayment
Payment PortalPromote productsTransaction History

Things to do before hiring app developers

Assuming you are determined to create a fashion eCommerce app, here are things that will ease your development journey.

  1. Brainstorm And Answer The Below Questions To Innovate Your App Idea 

What is the goal that you want to achieve with your mobile app?

Who is your audience, and how will your mobile app help them?

How does the user journey look on your app from login to check out?

Do you want to integrate trending and advanced features besides necessary features? 

Which technology should you use to create a high-performing app?

  1. Focus on app design

Your eCommerce app has to be appealing so that users cannot take their eyes off your platform and keep shopping. And the best way to make it interesting is by making the app design simple yet elegant. In other words, users should be able to do what they want intuitively. And to achieve such a UI/UX design, you must prototype your app and receive feedback from as many people as you can.

  1. Research on developers 

Primarily, there are three options to choose from: Freelancers, in-house development & app development agencies. Outsourcing your project from a software company is the most affordable one. As you don’t have to pay monthly wages like in-house developers or freelancers, they don’t quit in the middle of the project. 

But, to find a reliable outsourcing app development company, you must analyze their portfolio and developers’ experience. 

How much budget to allocate for your fashion eCommerce app development

If you are running a fashion retail or manufacturing business, chances are you have to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising to get customers, right? And you must be wondering if app development is just another expense. But no, it’s not.

The money you put into your fashion eCommerce app development will be returned to you manifold. Because it will let you monetize your app in numerous ways. 

As for the cost of developing a fashion eCommerce app, several aspects determine how much time and money it will take. Listed below are some of them:

  • The geographical location of the app developers;
  • App development personnel working on the project;
  • Time spent on developing the app;
  • Number of hours spent on the project;
  • Number of features integrated into the app;
  • UI/UX and the design of the app.

On average, you might need a budget of about $10000 to $15000 to get started with your project. 

That’s it for this post, guys. Hope this sparks your willingness to get up and start reaping the benefits of mobile technology and grow your business like YesStyle

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Sanjay Kidecha

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