Farewell Getaways: Three Amazing Destinations for Schoolies 2021

The Schoolies is an ancient tradition in Australia that began in the 1970s. In the schoolies week, the high school graduates in Australia will have a long weekend following the end of their exam by the end of November or the beginning of December. It is a week-long party where the graduates visit various popular destinations in the country. 

This period is considered to be a transition time from the time of youth to adulthood. This cultural transition also represents the mark of freedom from a strict discipline in schools. At present, the trip is expanded to international places also.

However, due to the pandemic situation in 2020, and the sudden lockdown of borders, there has been restriction everywhere. That is why schoolies 2021 is the most anticipated one. It gives the facility for the grad trip to be rescheduled to multiple tentative dates according to the university and TAFE holidays for those who missed it in 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start planning. 

Here are three incredible places that give a crazy stir to your checklist.

  • Fiji

This is a perfect getaway and a liberated exposure to the outside world. This island of sunsets, beach parties, and DJs is surrounded by 7 km of soft sand. Schoolies-Fiji happens in two official school resorts that offer the opportunities to visit the surroundings, incredible day trips, and the crystal blue waters in the sandy beaches.

Some of the musts try at Fiji are:

  • Kava, a drink that gives a sense of calmness and relaxation, with numbness around the mouth, lips, and tongue.
  • Go for a Snorkel underwater trip and scuba diving.
  • Volunteer at NGOs and raise funds for the local school for necessities like sports equipment.
  • Schoolies accommodation will arrange for parties at local nightclubs. Do not miss them.
  • A European Extravaganza

Some of the tour packages offer a trip through the whole of Europe. It includes most European countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, etc. All the highlights of the places can be visited, and many memories lasting a lifetime can be made.

 The trip is an eye-opener to the possibilities in the outer world and an opportunity to get independent. A European trip can last from 10 to 12 days, which is the best opportunity to make new friends. The package would contain all sorts of facilities like food, accommodation, tour guides, etc.

  • Japan

While the first two trips were about the distance and varieties, the third one is for the love of Culture and Food. The itinerary of this place will take a twist this time. Go on to experience the extremes with the onsen or the sumo wrestling tournaments. The nine ski resorts, robot cabaret, and bullet trains are some exclusive things in japan.

The food and people are the best at this place. Eat the original sushi, ramen, or mochis and decide on your food preferences. The people with their polite and accommodative behaviour will not fail to mesmerize you. Japan gives perfect ideas for a young adult to be more inclusive and accommodative of the world.


Schoolies 2021 is the most anticipated event by the graduates after the Covid. Be on your best and take the best from whichever places you visit. Make the best memories on your trip because memories are for eternity.