Fans praise The New Leaders Survival Guide by Alex Michaels

The recent release of Alex Michaels’s newest work has caused great excitement amongst her fans as they get their hands on her latest book, The New Leaders Survival Guide.


Her new book, The New Leaders Survival Guide by Alex Michaels, has been hailed as an indispensable tool for those who want to be better to become the type of new leaders that others will be excited to work for.

This book provides a practical approach to leading in this current culture of constant change. Michaels points out that it is essential to be flexible and create a work culture where people feel safe and open to being both creative and innovative. She also sheds light on how, as a leader, it is not about your needs and wants but about supporting your team so they can feel motivated to get out of their comfort zone.

“A great leader chooses their words carefully and can direct self-motivation and influence their teams. New leaders must be able to manage resources and competencies by providing an atmosphere of understanding, compassion, effective communication, and flexibility,” Michaels states in her book.

Alex Michaels goes on to say, “The technical skills that helped you get your first promotion won’t secure your next. There is now an emotional element necessary to survive this ever-changing environment.”

The book has proven to be a great source of inspiration for people searching for a light of hope during the darkest times of their careers. As someone who has come up from “rock bottom,” Alex Michaels discusses the hardships she had to face:

“I can tell you I did not have it easy. I came up from rock bottom and discovered and studied the right skills to be the kind of leader I would want to work for.”

With so many people still recovering from the Pandemic, readers have said The New Leaders Survival Guide has helped them through a lot. Fans have not only praised the book for its advice but also because of the empathetic and humanistic way in which Michaels relates that advice back to her own deeply personal story.

You can pre-order your The New Leaders Survival Guide copy today from Alex Michael’s official website or on Amazon.

About Alex Michaels

Alex Michaels has been in leadership positions for over thirty-one years. She has worked with small businesses, privately-owned companies, and multinationals throughout her three decades in business. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2005, and ten years later, she received a master’s degree in Organizational Development. Michaels possesses a diverse range of knowledge and experiences working in sales and leadership positions

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