Fancall: A YouTubers-Only Networking-cum-Influencer-Marketing Application

The world is rapidly adapting to innovative ideas and technological advancements. This is only fuelled by the great number of inventions that brilliant minds all over the world are contributing to the world. One such innovation is called Fancall. Conceived and designed by the eponymous company based out of Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Fancall is an influencer marketing, YouTubers-only platform that proposes to connect YouTubers with their viewers through personal video calls. A radical idea brought to life for the first time ever in India. 

It essentially proposes to bring the world, the YouTube community, in particular, a little closer, one Fancall at a time. It intends to be a way for the community to reach out to their favourite YouTube influencers and celebrities, as well as an effective way for YouTube content creators to connect with their viewers and supplement their revenue as they do. Getting to know one’s audience can contribute to the channel’s growth – an asset that was recognised by Akash Chaudhary, Founder & CEO of Fancall, and creatively capitalised. 

He says, “Being an avid self-learner myself, I often found it difficult to get all my questions answered by my YouTube mentors. I thought to myself that there’s got to be a better, quicker way of solving this. Now, add to that the fact that YouTubers themselves are often faced with low revenues and unsatisfactory growth, it made all the more sense to come up with a one-stop solution for both. This is how Fancall was born”

The app connects YouTubers not only with fans and admirers but also businesses and brands looking to offer collaboration or partnership opportunities. No longer does one need to sit through the laborious process of trying to communicate with a YouTuber. Nor does one need to have a number of intermediaries in the middle, which can also be time-consuming. With Fancall, one needs to simply register, search for the desired YouTube influencer, book a date and time, pay a little compensation, and later, wait for the phone to ring. 

Smooth, seamless, hassle-free, the app was built on the foundation of simplicity. The platform’s process is a clear reflection of this belief. It is a win-win for both YouTubers and their viewers, and fulfils the requirements of both parties. No more bad CPC rates, poor ad revenues, long wait before landing a new project or collaboration. 

Fancall is the digital revolution that the world never realised it needed until now. It is available for download on Play Store and App Store