Famous Freemasonry Facts You Need to Know!

What is free masonry? Who are the free masons? And what do they do? There are probably a lot of questions, and very few answers to the freemasonry history. Are they a secret society working behind closed doors? Or are they probably just one of us? Let us try to explore the history of free masonry through a few interesting facts.

A group that derives its origins from times unknown, freemasonry served essentially as a group of skilled stonemasons, of course, all men. As the name itself suggests, freemansory history was dominated and, in fact, consisted only of male members of the society. The history of freemasonry boasts of it being a philanthropic organization, dealing with the works and ways of humanity and the humankind.

If you go through the freemasonry history, you’ll find a lot of symbols that were probably drawn with the help of tools of the stone masons. These “secret symbols” are often deemed to be secret- coded messages through which the freemasons shared plans and other things. However, the history of freemasonry symbols is quite unlike any of this. It is said that the truth behind these symbols is not the secret messages between the members, but the messages of the universe in general.

Freemasons had a number of handshakes. Yes, not just one! These handshakes, as per the history of freemasonry, are devised and used as per the ranks of the freemasonry society. This means that you’ll be able to tell about the rank of a freemason simply by observing the way they shake hands!

If the history of freemasonry is anything to go by, freemasons were a group and/ or society that were forbidden by the Church. Why? Well, since the early free- masons were stone masons, they did not belong to any particular religion. The freemasonry history confirms that these masons belonged to different religious beliefs and faiths. This irked the Church so much that it declared freemasons and freemasonry as a forbidden group, and even directed Catholics from joining the group!

Freemasonry history readers are of the opinion that the Anti- Masonic Party, which was the first third party in the politics of United States of America, was heavily influenced and inspired by the freemasons.

Since the freemasons were a group of men, and no woman or other category of people were allowed to join the society, freemasonry society is often referred to as the ‘Men’s Club’. Another interesting fact of freemasonry history is that the group consisted of white male members only!

Even though it is deemed as a secret society and the actual origin and history of freemasonry is quite concealed, there are some freemasons who are actually world famous. Benjamin Franklin, Roosevelt, Churchill, etc are well- associated with the history of freemasonry. George Washington was, in fact, a Master Mason himself!