Family Orbit Lets Parents Make A Secure Social Network For Their Family

Parents have a ton of accountabilities, the primary one being keeping their kids safe in an extensive and tech-based earth. The abundance of family locator apps and services that are accessible to aid make the job a little easier, however do they aid or else make the topic worse?

Family Orbit creates a private community network for your family, entirely with location and photo sharing and monitor, emergency feature, as well as much more. If you want to get more details about your children’s social network, visit this dedicated website for useful information.


If you are like me, you are eager to the idea of keeping children on a loose leash, meaning you desire to give them just sufficient freedom wherever you can pull them back in if they get in to any kind of trouble.

Family Orbit, aims to aid parents do just that by allow them to keep an eye on actions without interfere too much.

Setting up Family Orbit is a breeze as well as requires simply an email address from every child. You do not have to concern about complex account setups or else device syncing, which is a disadvantage of alike apps with such system.

Family Orbit is extremely easy to steer, as well, and both parents plus kids shouldn’t have an subject with finding their way about the app.

I actually like the way everything is laid out since it focuses on easiness of access. Both kids and parents could easily share photos, location check-ins, and check out the family action wall that is generated automatically.


An app like Family Orbit need to have a ton of features in order for parent and kids to take full benefit of it, and I could say that this app is astonishingly powerful.

Not merely are there abundance of sharing features thus everyone could keep in touch, however the app focuses heavily on security, as well.

For instance, parents could use Family Orbit to set up virtual fence, called Family Places, consequently they will know when their children arrive or leave. They can as well monitor their child’s driving habit by alerting them while their youngster is driving over the speed limit by family gps tracker.

I did not have a prospect to check this out for myself, but it is a fantastic safety aspect if it works properly. The only disadvantage to this is that the battery on iPhones would drain much faster while GPS is running continually raising the likelihood of the battery dying as well as therefore losing the link with the iPhone, therefore this is a bit of a Catch 22.

Family Orbit offer a Premium subscription for family who find the family safety app helpful. Benefits of premium comprise location history for the last 7 days, a new boundary of 10 family member, the capability to monitor all photo and contacts on a kid’s device, and 5 GB of cloud storage space for photos.


Family Orbit could be downloaded from the App Store for free in addition to is designed for iPhone. Actually either means this is a must-have app for parent with kids, particularly younger ones. If you want to get more details about taking care of your children click here.