Family Dental Health What Should You Do to Keep Family Happy?

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums in the family is essential. Oral disease can cause a lot of pain, discomfort and also affect the ability to eat. Certain problems are expensive to treat, as well. An unhealthy mouth can interact and affect other diseases in the body, like heart disease. Here are some tips from family dentistry Memphis for healthy gums and strong life.

1-Maintain a Healthy Diet

You must maintain a healthy diet of nutritious foods. Besides oral health, it is good from the perspective of overall health too. You should eat different food items from fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, lean, meat, fish and eggs. Also include the items like cheese, milk, or yoghurt, which can benefit your teeth. Choose plain milk over flavoured milk that contains a lot of sugar.

2-Donot Consume Food and Drinks that contain Sugar

Regular consumption of sugary food causes decay to happen in teeth. You should limit your total intake of sugar and avoid snacks containing sugar in between the meals. If you take sugar-containing food on occasion, you should finish food at once instead of taking it over a period of time.

3-Don’t Take Acidic Drinks

Ensure that you are not taking acidic foods and drinks like fruit juice, sports drinks, soft drinks etc., which can erode your teeth. After having an acidic drink, rinse afterwards with plain water or milk to neutralize the effect of acidic nature. Don’t brush for 30-minutes after having an acidic drink. Consume tap water to maintain healthy teeth, and it is cheap as well.

4-Chew Sugar-Free Gum

When you chew sugar-free gum between meals, it can reduce the risk of decay by stimulating the saliva flow. It also freshens your breath and it can be a healthy substitute to avoid taking snacks. It can also help stimulate saliva and improve comfort for individuals who face dry mouth.

5-Brush At-Least Twice a Day

The health of your teeth and gums need to brush your teeth atleast twice a day. It would help if you always used a soft toothbrush as hard bristles can damage your teeth and gums.

6-Floss Once A Day

Brushing can’t reach every portion of the mouth. The remaining areas can be adequately cleaned with flossing.


Reach out to your family dentistry Memphis at-least twice a year. Follow these ideas to better oral health.