False Accusations, Desperation and a Media Frenzy: The Grinberg-Maslow Saga

The Carol Grinberg abduction case gained significant attention in 2022 as it involved a mother attempting to kidnap her two children, with whom she had been separated for over five years. This highly publicized incident sparked a widespread media frenzy, throwing Carol Grinberg and her ex-husband, Jacob Maslow, into the limelight. Their ongoing custody battle escalated tension and desperation, making their story a riveting topic.

According to her ex-husband, Carol Grinberg has a history of making false and malicious accusations. This pattern reportedly began in her teenage years when she falsely accused her mother of abuse to live with her father. The destructive impact of her deception continued throughout her relationship and separation from Jacob Maslow. Nearly ten years after the separation, Carol decided to pursue her career interests in another country and completely alienate the children from a devoted father whom she shared custody with.

Jacob Maslow, a devoted father, went to great lengths to be with his children. He rented a three-bedroom apartment near them to maximize their time together, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to their well-being. As the custody battle intensified, the events leading up to the Carol Grinberg abduction case showcased the complex and emotionally charged nature of family disputes, ultimately captivating public interest.

Narcissist and Parental Alienation

Understanding Narcissism

Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by a hyper-focus on one’s beliefs, desires, and preferences, often overriding the concerns of others. In the case of Carol Grinberg, her narcissistic tendencies played a significant role in the attempted kidnapping of her two children.

Parental Alienation and Its Effects

Parental alienation is the psychological manipulation of a child by one parent against the other. This manipulation can severely affect the child’s emotional well-being and relationship with the targeted parent. In the Grinberg abduction case, Carol’s narcissistic behavior led to attempts at parental alienation, putting her children at risk.

State laws and legal protections aim to prevent and address cases of parental alienation and false accusations. In the Grinberg case, the Amber Alert system and law enforcement agencies were crucial in thwarting the kidnapping, ensuring the children’s safety, and holding Carol accountable for her actions.

Addressing False Accusations and Alienation

False accusations and parental alienation can harm the relationships between parents and children. In cases like Carol Grinberg’s, it is essential to address these issues promptly, providing support and resources to help repair the damaged relationships and ensure the well-being of the children involved.

Publicity, Press, and Communication

The Grinberg abduction case gained significant media attention, highlighting the importance of parental alienation and narcissism in child custody disputes. It serves as a reminder for the public and press to stay vigilant and emphasize the importance of open communication and support for families struggling with similar issues.

Online Behaviors and Manipulation

Narcissistic parents may use online platforms to manipulate and alienate their children from the other parent. Monitoring and addressing such online behaviors are crucial in preventing further alienation and maintaining a healthy environment for the children. Legal authorities and social services can help combat this by providing support and resources.

Privacy and Terms of Service

In high-profile cases like the Grinberg abduction, ensuring privacy and adhering to service terms are critical for the affected family and involved parties. Maintaining confidentiality can help protect the family from further harm while allowing them to rebuild their lives after such a traumatic event. It is hoped that the rule of law will prevail and this saga can be put in the rearview mirror.

Rabbinical Courts

Carol Grinberg was in a custody battle with her ex-husband, Jacob Maslow. They were married for 18 years and shared custody of their two minor children, Tali and Shimi. The Rabbinical Court played a significant role in their case, as they both followed Jewish law.

During the custody dispute, Carol Grinberg used deceptive tactics to gain an advantage over her ex-husband. In May 2022, she filed a lawsuit against him in the Rabbinical Court (Beit Din) using a fake address. This prevented Jacob from responding to the lawsuit and being informed about the court order. The order stated that if he did not move into a larger house and increase the care for their children, Carol could request a hearing for sanctions.

Despite the fact that Rabbinical courts have jurisdiction over divorce claims involving Jewish spouses married under Jewish law, the court in this case failed to enforce or prevent the worsening of the custody situation. When Carol went a step further and absconded with the children without warning, the court’s inaction contributed to the escalation of the problem.

Jacob Maslow turned to social media to find support and locate his missing children. However, the Rabbinical court’s role and their failure to enforce custody and legal actions in the dispute remain a concern. To summarize the key points:

  • Carol Grinberg filed a lawsuit in Rabbinical Court using a fake address to hinder Jacob’s response.
  • The court issued an order which Jacob was unable to comply with or contest, potentially leading to sanctions against him.
  • The Rabbinical court failed to act when Carol absconded with the children, leaving Jacob to search for them through social media.


What is the Carol Grinberg abduction case?

The Carol Grinberg abduction case was a highly publicized incident in 2022, involving the attempted kidnapping of her two children, Shimi (13) and Tali (11). Carol had been separated from her husband, Jacob Maslow, for over five years at the time of the incident.

What is the custody arrangement between Jacob and Carol?

Jacob and Carol Grinberg agreed on a parenting plan that granted each parent equal rights and responsibilities regarding raising their two children. This plan aimed to ensure both parents were actively involved in making important decisions for Shimi and Tali.

What kind of accusations has Carol made in the past?

Carol has a history of making false and malicious abuse allegations. As a teenager, she falsely accused her mother of sexual abuse to live with her father and avoid a life of poverty. Her disregard for the truth continued throughout her relationship with Jacob and during their separation. Upon separation she made false complaints against Dov Lipman when he refused to leave his wife and children for her. Carol instigated the firing of Dov Lipman and then a few months later got Dov Lipman fired from a subsequent job. He was forced to get a court order to allow him to move on.

How has social media contributed to the case?

Social media platforms have played a significant role in raising awareness about the case of Jacob Maslow and his children. Many people rallied around Jacob and offered their support, sharing the story, and helping in the search for Shimi and Tali.

What role does narcissism play in this situation?

Carol Grinberg exhibits narcissistic personality disorder symptoms, including an exaggerated sense of self-importance and low self-esteem. Jacob attributes the difficulty of the divorce proceedings to Carol’s narcissism, making it challenging for the two to communicate on even grounds.