FALLING IN LOVE & LIBERATION: Dilyer Reinvents Himself on “ fall in luv”.  New song Dropping on his birthday week!


When thinking about the next generation’s musical visionaries, Dilyer readily springs to mind. The singer-songwriter and producer’s latest single “fall in luv” marks a new era for the Mozambique-born artist. While his past releases, such as “RE EMERGE” and “SOVEREIGN D,” showcased the more eccentric and innovative production side of his music, ” Fall in luv ” offers a new perspective to his sonic growth, drawing attention to Dilyers wide vocal ability and range.

 Stevens’s self-written track showcases the range of musical talent that the 18-year-old has to offer. The track’s verses explore the depth of his vocals, which is contrasted by the experimental bridge that illustrates his ability to use production to elevate his art. To pair with his vocals and production, Dilyers lyrics are equally as explosive and biting.

“ As an Artist you must be patient. You will experience failure, criticism, lack of support, and endless self questioning. Enduring all that is the ultimate power you can harness in your work” Dilyer said.

Tune in on the 24TH of March!

Dilyers new post is his most liked post since the eye surgery announcement. It’s a new record!