Facts To Discover Before Leaving For Greece

Once you have decided to visit Greece during your holidays there are certain facts which you should discover before leaving your place. Because, before the fun of soothing music, the taste of delicious food, theater, environment, and the abundance of islands enchants you, mesmerizes you and compels you to stay in Greece for a long time, you must collect complete knowledge to enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

  1. Food: Although flesh and fish are abundant in most of the food cooked in the hotels of Greece, there are lots of dishes for the vegans too. This might be surprising to most of the people, and not less than good news for vegetarians. Most of the conventional Greek food has an abundance of vegetarian food. Some of the famous vegan dishes are Mpriam, Fasolakia, Mpriam, homemade desserts, traditional bread and lots of soups and many more, in almost all the restaurants and hotels located across the different corners of Greece.

  2. Drink: If you are a coffee lover, then undoubtedly Greece is the place for you to enjoy the different versions of coffee. During summer the highly preferred drink is Frappe and Freddo Cappuccino. The ingredients used for making the Frappe are Nescafe, ice, sugar and of course the foam milk. On the other side, The Freddo Cappuccino is the same as espresso coffee developed with a mixture of sugar, thick foamed milk, and cream at the top. If you are visiting the cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, then you can find the coffee developed from soya milk or almond milk according to your preference. 

  3. Language: The official language spoken is although the Greek, but most of the population in the country, especially the youth are well-versed with English and fluently speak English without any hesitation. Thus, you will not find any difficulty while communicating with the local people during your holidays on the Greek islands.

  4. Safety: Normally Greece is one of the safest countries to visit in the European continent. But, in case if you are a female and visiting alone, then it is advised to ignore roaming alone in the night, mainly on the island or the areas with less availability of light. Also, be aware of your surrounding areas.

  5. Accommodation: If you are concerned about the presence of cost-effective and comfortable accommodation, then you can find a plethora of places from hotels to couchsurfing according to your requirements. In case, if you are visiting a small island like Paxos in the Ionian sea, then the best way to enjoy the comfortable accommodation is booking the villas in Paxos. Located in the green valley of the island, these villas have everything to offer their guests, from well developed and furnished rooms, kitchen, beds, sofas, and many more. Moreover, depending on your requirements, they can arrange the further required services on demand.

  6. Transportation: If you are visiting cities like Athens, Patras, Peristeri, Heraklion or any other city, you will find the metro, buses, trains, trams, taxis, and KTEL. KTEL is mainly the suburban transport facility that connects small towns to big cities. The same transport facilities you can find on the islands, but the best way to move between the islands and different beaches is through ferries.

Keeping these facts to discover Greece during the holiday will provide you an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled and pleasant trip to Greece.