Facts About Your Zodiac Sign That You Didn’t Know

There are many things about your sign you don’t know. Many things get missed when you randomly google things like, ‘ what my astrologer in India what to tell?’, ‘ what is my horoscope?’,

‘online astrology,’ or when just go and watch live astrologers or suddenly decide to chat with astrologer about random things related to your life, still many things, questions stay unanswered.

In the hope that this article will help you better understand your zodiac and give you some kinds of clearance on the unasked and unanswered questions.

Let’s Know What Secrets Your Sign Hides:


You think a lot; the term over-thinker seems like a kid in front of you.No one indeed wants to get rid of this strange pattern of thinking more than you. This overthinking makes you feel like these thoughts will someday give you a brain stroke, and you can’t do anything to stop it. It sometimes just messes up your head and hampers your work.


Beneath all the tough person looks, you hide a little softie afraid of being alone, and you would rather die than accept the fact that you don’t want to be left alone. This fear makes you scare people away from you; due to this fear, you tend to be a bit clingy and won’t even let the other person with you even a tiny bit of personal space and refuse to understand that there is something wrong with behaving in such a peculiar way.


You are manipulative, dark, and vengeful. You will talk people into spitting out all their deep and dark secrets, their pains and sadness, people feel comfortable with you and get a vibe that they can trust you with everything, say it a Scorpio thing? Who knows what it is, but you enjoy listening to them. You know more or less everything about others, but no one knows anything about you; you love maintaining a Low and Mysterious profile which makes people more interested in you.


You are scared of Relationships, and you are so afraid that you feel anything you think about for the relationship could go all wrong. You might love someone a lot, but you are too afraid of commitments, and you don’t trust people easily; you think they will break your heart.

Without even trying, you jump to a conclusion and deny giving anyone a chance.

You are afraid that you will give up before trying and deny taking the leap of faith. You need to understand that everything in life is temporary, so do whatever you want to do in your life before it is too late.


You people never forgive! And never forget either. You either cut people off from your life or make their life miserable. You like to appear strong and flawless, but the fact is you are gooey and overemotional from the inside.

Again, you are a hardworking person who wants everything in discipline and is in order. You love being the boss and love getting drowned in work, you love to make your things done in a certain way, so it gets tough for you when someone disagrees with you and can not bear that ever.


You fight for everyone else, but you don’t know how to fight for yourself. You do anything for the people you love, your family, friends, and loved ones, but you suddenly just forget how to talk when it comes to yourself.

The energy, ambition, determination, and strength you use to protect and help others, try to use that yourself, and it is never wrong to look out for yourself.  Help yourself in need, or else no one will; it is good to be helpful, but it is also necessary to love and care for yourself because when you are happy, you will be able to make others happy more easily.

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You are the kind of person who can make up a fake story about someone or something just to get more attention; You love being the topic of gossip, even if it is negative. Fame is like oxygen for you, but you will never admit it; you can do anything to be in the spotlight and attention of the people.

Also, you are a dreamer. Your dreams are big, not realistic, because you don’t work towards fulfilling them. Instead, you procrastinate all your time on dreaming about it.

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