Facts About T10/194  LED Interior And Exterior Light Bulbs

If you are looking for 194 LED bulbs for your vehicles, you can have a look at T10/194 LED interior + exterior light bulbs. Most of the vehicles are fitted with halogen bulbs which are highly inefficient and produce a lot of heat. These bulbs not only make the interior of the car uncomfortable but also causes the temperature to increase. LEDs are known for their efficiency and can cool down the temperature of the car significantly. These bulbs are more durable than halogen bulbs and produce a light of a specific color depending on the type of LED used.

How to install T10/194  LED light bulbs?

The T10/194 LED interior light bulbs are specially designed for different automobile applications. The primary intent of this bulb is to produce a warm light of amber color, which will be very helpful in illuminating the dark areas of the car, when you are at an accident or experiencing engine troubles. The warmth of the light will be soothing and comforting. The 194 LED bulbs are available in an array of colors, as well as with various lumen outputs. The LED bulbs are durable and powerful in nature. They are resistant to vibrations, shock and other kinds of damage. The bulbs are also quite easy to install.

How to replace old T10/194  LED light bulbs?

194 light bulbs are the most common type of light bulb. They are used for almost everything from reading to lighting garden paths. Each 194 bulb has a length of about 2.5 inches and a diameter of about 0.7 inches. The bulb has a plastic coating on the tip and a metal contact within the plastic. The 194 was made popular in the 1960s. It was the first light bulb that lasted more than one year and was still functional. Shop various LED interior bulbs for cars from SuncentAuto at best prices.

The T10 bulb is made up of a lens cover, an aluminum tube, and a plastic base that houses a socket and a filament. The filament is the wire that glows white when the light is turned on. The 194 has a diameter of around 0.618 inches while the tube is around 0.50 inches. The tube is inserted into a socket that is attached to a base. The base is screwed into a fixture through the top of the tube to make it functional. The 194 is the most common bulb that is found in cars, home and other vehicles.

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