Factors to Consider When Getting Thermal Travel Mugs from Namshi

For most individuals, a day begins with the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Most of the individual needs that caffeine or nicotine hit in the morning so that they can get fresh and stay focused throughout the day. Many of these people have to get up early and then hit the road to either drop their kids at school, go to the workplace, or run some early morning errands. For these people, finishing coffee or tea at the house isn’t an option hence they invest in the thermal travel mug. If you are looking for the best range of travel thermal mugs online then Namshi is the perfect place to shop from. With a wide variety, you also get an amazing price with the use of the Namshi discount code.

The Right Material

Certain factors need to be considered when getting your travel thermal mug; after all, you are spending money on something which should last you for at least a year. The first thing to consider is the material your travel mug is made of. Nearly all the travel mugs are either made of stainless steel or plastic; however, on Namshi you will find glass and ceramic thermal mugs as well. The best choice among these varieties of material is stainless steel. This is because they are durable, easy to wash, and tends to keep hot beverages warmer. Use the Namshi discount code to get the best travel thermal mug in stainless steel at a discounted rate.

The Right Lid on Top

The second factor to consider is the top of your travel mug, whether you like the lid which is screw or the one which has a snap-on top. The screw one does have a small opening on top and it can secure your mug more as compared to the snap-on top. The snap-on top just has to clap back on the mug which doesn’t make it safe, what if it comes off when traveling? Not only will you burn yourself but your clothes will also get dirty. The screw tops are perfect if you like to sip on your tea and also you can unscrew the top in case you like to take the big gulps of the coffee or tea. With the use of the Namshi discount code, you can get different designs and colors of your thermal travel mug at a reasonable rate on the Namshi website.

The Design If Your Mug

The last but not the least factor to consider is the design and style of your mug. Where are you taking your travel mug to? Your workplace or you need for traveling in the car? For your workplace make sure to get the wider base mugs, however for your car, get the standard travel mugs that have no handle and can fit the car holder perfectly. Namshi has a wide variety of these mugs hence it makes making the right choice easier. You can select the mug design according to your favorite color, quote, logos, or even graffiti. If you like more than two of those travel thermal mugs, and then you can use the Namshi discount code to get a discount on those mugs.