Factors to Consider When Buying a Pre-owned Piano

A piano is a musical instrument with a long shelf life if well cared for and maintained. There is nothing bad about owning a used piano; stick to your budget and work with it. Depending on the piano of your choice and budget, you should hire a piano technician to inspect the instrument before making the purchase.

Do you want to buy a piano from pre-owned used Steinway grand pianos for sale? As a beginner piano player, a piano fan who can afford a new piano but can still not decent the best quality between used and new piano brands or a buyer who understands and appreciates the difference between new and used pianos but wants to stick to the tight budget?

Just get it the right way and get exactly what you want. Owning a piano, whether used or new, is like any other investment; the more effort you put in, the higher the return. However there are many types and brands in the used piano market to choose from, but before you get there, understand the following,

Know the seller or dealer

When going for a second-hand piano, do your market research and get a legitimate and reputable dealer. Amazonis the best platforms to search from. Knowing your dealer can also mean considering the dealer offering a pocket-friendly price for a quality used piano since some dealers may take advantage to buy from new buyers.

Purchasing from a retail store could be much safer; however, you can buy even from individuals who want to send, but what if you run into trouble and need some maintenance and repair yet no warranty sign?

The piano’s age and musical quality

The most important thing is the musical quality of the used piano. The piano instrument has a long life shelve and can last for approximately 60 years; however, the musical quality diminishes over time due to the numerous movable parts in the piano. All this depends on the piano’s stored environment, i.e. kept in a place of good humidity and maintenance of a piano.

If the piano is not cared for and properly maintained with routine tuning, it can only last for 30 years. Before buying a pre-used piano, check the maintenance history, but if the pre-used piano has been refurbished and completely restored, you can give it a trial.

The piano brand

As a piano player, it is good to stick to reputable companies that manufacture piano brands and avoid obscure names. A high-quality brand may mean a lot about the product’s lifespan. Some well-known piano production companies include Yamaha, Boston, Kawai, and Steinway. All in all, always insist on a written 10 years warranty on parts and labor.

Rattle and buzz of the

From the word used piano, the rattling and buzzing noise can change with time but to which extent? You have to hire a piano technician to verify the buzzing and rattling sound since such noise can be costly for repair if ignored. You should also check on the keys tune, which is significant too. Just buy from an authorized dealer who should have fixed all this earlier to avoid this entire headache.

Moving the piano

A piano is an expensive instrument that is not meant to be moved frequently but if the need arises, moving them around is not that simple. If you buy from an individual, you’ll have to consider the transportation cost since you’ll need it at home. For security and safety measures, you’ll have to hire a professional piano mover to avoid damaging the exterior and ensure all run well.

For every investment, there are returns. Don’t just buy for the sake of buying. Remember, it’s a used piano. The article has eased your decision-making process; hence by considering the outlined factor, you will find exactly what fits your need. So don’t take risks before making any step; get it right before it’s done, right?