Factors That Determine Commercial Juice Dispenser Price in Kenya

This machine enables the user to get a quantity of something like a liquid conveniently and quickly. It is suitable for drinks that do not contain carbon (non-carbonated beverages). The user only needs to fit the bottle into the dispensing tube and press their drinking vessel.

The cost needed to acquire this commodity in Kenya varies from place to place due to many factors. The factors that cause price fluctuation are explained in the article below;

Size of the machine

Several types of this machine have different dimensions. For instance, the smallest one has an average measurement of (5×6×4) cm, and there are many large ones. The difference in size is an excellent reflection of the price difference. Small-sized machines are relatively cheaper than medium-sized ones. Large-sized ones are the most expensive.

Another factor in size is the number of bottles each machine can hold. Those with one bottle are cheaper than those with up to three bottles under normal circumstances.

Type of material used for making the machine

The material used for making the machine’s body determines the cost at which the device will be sold. For example, some are made of pure stainless steel, while others are made of iron-coated steel. Others are even steel coated with silver, the most expensive ones. This is because silver is a very expensive mineral.

Therefore, when the body is made of cheap material that is easy to find, the machine will be more affordable than when its body is made of expensive material.

The mode of functioning of the machine

The commercial juice dispenser price in Kenya depends on whether it is electric or non-electric. Non-electric machines are cheaper as they require fewer raw materials than electric ones. They do not require complex skills, and as a result, they can be made by any interested individual. Electric machines are expensive as they need many things, including fuel, to make them.

The location of the buyer

The retail shops sell this type of machine at different prices. A person can find the same machine with varying prices in different parts of the country. Apart from the material used for making the machine, the retailers look for many other factors while setting the price. These factors include demand, competition, transport cost, and the purchasing power of the people, among others.

The type of company that has made the product

There are different types of companies that assemble and manufacture this type of machine. The various companies use other materials and come up with different looks and sizes of the same product, making them be sold out at different prices.

The power of the machine

This is the rate of work done by the machine. Different types of electrical appliances have different speeds if doing work. For instance, machines with higher rates of doing work are more expensive than those with lower rates. 


Therefore, the cost of this type of machine differs due to many factors discussed above, and it is barely possible to find a constant price across the country.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)