Factors That Affect Car Accident Claims

Car accidents can be very traumatising. The damage to your valuable asset is just one loss, the injuries and health concerns are other consequences of the mishap that follow you for a long while. That being said, bearing all the heavy expenses of medical bills and hospital charges for an accident that wasn’t your fault is unfair.

Anyone who falls victim to car accidents, caused by someone else’s negligence, reserves the right to recover their damages from the liable party. At Wallace Legal, we will provide you with the best personal injury solicitors in Scotland to help you with car accident claims. They will work with you to ascertain the right amount of settlement you will receive. Moreover, your solicitor will also guide you about the ins and outs of the legal matters so that you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

Generally speaking, car accident claims are straightforward. You get bumped by another vehicle, you deal with their insurers, the liability is admitted, the compensation amount is decided and the case is resolved. However, there are times when these same cases can be prolonged for indefinite durations because many other factors come into play that have an effect on the settlement amount. As far as economic damages are concerned, they can be estimated easily. However, non-economic damages are typically difficult because they are disputable.

All these economical, non-economic damages, coupled with other factors, have a serious impact on your settlement. Your solicitor from Wallace Legal will help you get answers to all the queries. The lawyer will work to sort out the significant factors that may increase the settlement you’re entitled to for car accident claims.

Here we have listed some common factors that play a vital role in car accident claims.

  1. Injury Type

All injuries are different. This is why the compensation you get for any physical damage varies. The compensation money can significantly increase if you have suffered a serious injury that has caused you a lot of pain and suffering. These serious injuries include breaking bones, head injuries, or damage to the spinal cord. These injuries can also lead to disabilities and disfigurements, for which you may require long-term rehabilitation and care. All these factors contribute to greater compensation. On the other hand, if you have sustained less-severe injuries like bruises, cuts or a small muscle tear, the compensation will accordingly be less.

  1. Liability

If you’re the victim, you will be sure that the accident was no fault of yours, but it isn’t this easy. A lot of times, the other party can work to flip the case in their favour completely, or put partial blame on you. This will diminish your settlement money. If it is proven that you have some degree of involvement in the incident, your compensation money may be reduced. The degree of involvement or blame determines the amount of compensation you would be liable to receive.

  1. The Medical Treatment

If you’ve sustained a small injury in the incident, do not make the mistake of not going to a doctor. Injuries that are apparently less severe, can sometimes develop into harmful overtime. Also, if you choose not to visit a medical professional at the time, and you’re forced to seek treatment when the problem arises, your solicitor will have a very hard time proving that this injury or condition is a direct result of the car accident. In such a case, your compensation money will be reduced.

  1. Disabilities Or Disfigurements

The compensation money increases if you were left disabled as a consequence of the accident. Having a broken arm, broken leg or any other serious injury that inhibits your movement and working ability will entitle you to a bigger settlement. Such injuries will leave you incapacitated for a long while and have a serious impact on the rest of your life, leaving you dependent on treatments, rehabilitation and constant care.

  1. The Type Of Job You’re At

Regardless of how serious the injury is, it will definitely hinder your ability to work. Depending on the type of job you’re performing, the settlement amount will be determined. For instance, you work at a factory or in a warehouse where you need to constantly lift objects, but the accident has left you with a broken arm, you won’t be able to work at all. This will make you eligible for a bigger compensation amount.