Factors determining the custody of children in the US

The Criminal Defense Attorney has specified some factors while announcing the custody of the children. Being a parent everyone is anxious about getting custody of his/ her children. After separation, this question is very worrying and for sure puts you in anxiety.

Here we’ll be mentioning the points that the judge takes into consideration before making the final decision.

Age of the children

This is an important question and the right determination of it is important. Judges prefer for the nursing child to live with his mother. Once he is grown enough to be on other diets he can go with his father. 

The living standard of parents

There comes a dilemma while handing over the custody of any of the two fathers or mothers. Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles judge focuses on the welfare and prosperity of the children. It is hard to decide whether the child would live in a family with 7 persons or he would survive better alone with a single parent. This decision is also made by noticing the nature of the children and how he thinks. Some children like crowds while others want discipline and loneliness.

But parents should consider this point while asking for custody; you should have your own apartment even of two rooms. The judge of the court would not allow the child to suffer depression in an environment where he could not share his grief and joys with you. The closeness of your spouse with you is also considered by the court.

Remember: The topmost priority of the judge is to reconcile between you two. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles cooperation of both parents

The judge will look at the history and ask questions regarding the support you both give in parenting. He will look at the schedule of your spouse and see how well you both are managing to give quality time. The judge will also ask the questions from children whether the one among you uses foul language in the house. (You might be thinking why these questions would arise because if there was peace there is no need for divorce)

But these points are important as if you both share a good understanding and respect for one another, the custody process is easy for you.

If any of you try to show force and aggression in the court for custody, you are simply out of the game.

Children choice

If kids are mature enough—normally, more established than 12 or somewhere in the vicinity—a judge may converse with them to discover their inclinations about authority and appearance. A few states expect courts to think about children’s perspectives, however, others oppose bringing the children into it by any stretch of the imagination. The judge likewise may find out about the youngsters’ inclinations from a guardianship evaluator.

Continuity and stability

With regards to youngsters, judges are enthusiastic about the norm, because a large portion of them accept that heaping more change on top of the horrible progress of separation, for the most part, isn’t useful for youngsters. So in case you’re contending that things have turned out great, you have a decisive advantage over a mate who’s contending for a significant change in the care or appearance plan that is now set up.

Lack of attention from each parent

Children want complete attention and focus from their parents. Their only need is the person that listens to them and gives sincere suggestions. This honesty they see in their parents and also want huge support from them. If the parents are giving them the stress of their work or aggression from their spouse, they lose bonding with that (mother or father). So in this situation, the bonding of the child with each of the parents is also considered.

Donald Benson