Factors affecting price of engagement ring bands

The engagement ring is an indication that a woman is engaged and is likely to get married soon. Often the engagement ring is also the proposal ring. Men who have decided that they would like to get engaged want to find a suitable engagement ring which is both attractive and also affordable.They would like to find out the different designs of engagement rings bands available, the factors which affect the price of the ring. They would also like to find out if any other information is required while choosing the right ring which is both well designed and comfortable to wear.

Ring material

Though silver rings are also available, a majority of the engagement rings are made from gold or platinum for multiple reasons. Silver rings will get oxidized and change their color after some time. Both gold and platinum are inert metals, so the metal in the ring will not react with water, air or other materials. Hence the ring will not change its appearance or color. Gold rings are available in different types of gold which vary in their purity and color. Though yellow gold is widely used, white gold and rose pink gold are also used. Although 24 K gold is the purest gold, usually it is very soft, so 18K and 14 K gold are used for most rings.

If the ring buyer has a limited budget for the engagement ring, he can purchase rings which are not made from precious metals. Many men opt for stainless steel, tungsten and titanium alloy rings. For precious metals, the cost of the ring will depend on the purity of the gold or platinum, design and the ring weight. When the purity of gold is less, the ring will be more affordable priced. The weight of the ring without the precious stone will depend on the dimensions of the ring , if the ring band is thicker, and wider, it will require more metal.

Precious stones

Another factor which determines the cost of the engagement ring is the precious stones which are used. Most jewelers will work closely with the customer in finding the right precious stones based on personal preferences. Diamonds are the most popular precious stone for engagement rings, though other semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphire can also be used. Some men prefer to have a single large solitaire diamond in the ring, while others have multiple small diamonds arranged to form a pattern. Alternately the diamonds may be combined with other stones.


The cost of the ring will also depend on the ring design, if the ring has an intricate design or is customized, it will cost more than a plain gold or platinum band. Most men want their engagement ring to look unique, so they will sometimes prefer intertwined bands or twig like rings. Seashell and celtic designs of rings are also popular. The rings which have engravings or are carved, are another option for customized rings. Many couples prefer to have engagement rings with their initials to make them unique.


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