Facial Fat Grafting – What Are the Different Types of Facial Fat Grafting Surgery?

If you’re wondering if you should get a facial fat graft or not, read on. Facial fat transfer is a long-lasting filler. It’s also less expensive than fillers that are temporary and can last a lifetime. However, not all doctors are equally skilled in performing Face Fat Grafting. In less experienced hands, fat survival rate can be as low as 30%. As such, you’ll need to choose the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai.

Autologous fat transfer

Among all the aesthetic surgeries performed autologous fat grafting in Mumbai is one of the most popular procedures. The process takes years to perfect, so it’s important to choose the best plastic surgeon for this procedure. A facial plastic surgeon should be qualified, have received advanced training in cosmetic surgery, and have extensive experience with Fat Grafting techniques. The doctor should also be confident in his abilities to handle any minor problems that may arise during the procedure.

The procedure can be performed under IV or native sedation. The fat is decanted from the donor site and processed in a special centrifuge. Then, it is injected into the desired area of the face, or recipient site. This procedure may cause a ‘take’, but it’s unlikely to result in any side effects or immunologic reactions. The results are natural looking and can improve the patient’s self-image.

High-density fat transfer

Facial fat grafting uses the most viable fat cells from one patient to fill out the rest of the face. This procedure is typically performed in areas like the cheeks, chin, lips, or jawline. The area where the fat is injected is called the recipient site. The process helps patients to achieve a youthful, fuller appearance. The results are natural, but you may notice an increase in volume.

In high-density fat transfer, the best cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai will use a micro cannula to harvest fat from an appropriate donor area. Donor sites include the lower abdomen, buttocks, inside of thighs, and love handles. A small tube is used to collect the fat and inject it into the face. The entire process is painless and takes around 30 minutes.

Nano fat transfer

There are many benefits of facial fat grafting in Mumbai. These procedures can improve volume loss, returned chin, and mild facial asymmetry. The procedure is not a substitute for a chin implant. Patients can correct secondary defects like nose deformity, scarring, and mild asymmetry. This procedure has been used to address these issues for decades. Before it, doctors used plastic surgical flaps, which were less natural-looking. But now, modern aesthetic medicine has created techniques for facial fat transfer to help patients restore a younger-looking face.

This procedure is not for everyone. While it has many benefits, it does not address severe facial sagging. It also has a short recovery time. It can be used to correct a variety of other problems, but it cannot lift skin that is extremely saggy. The procedure is safe and requires minimal risk. During consultation, you can discuss your expectations with your doctor and ask any questions you have. A cosmetic surgeon should be accessible and willing to provide aftercare for you.

Permanent filler

Facial fat grafting surgery is a popular procedure for improving the shape of the face. It is very safe and the recovery time is usually fast. However, it cannot lift severely saggy skin. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help you understand the risks and benefits of this procedure. In Mumbai, you can choose a surgeon who is known for his or her expertise and has an excellent reputation in the city.


During facial fat grafting surgery, the doctor will collect the patient’s own fat, which is then injected into the face. This procedure can improve sunken areas in the face and add fullness to the cheeks and lips. The fat collected is a liquid paste that the plastic surgeon then injects into the patient’s face. This procedure can be done with Vase liposuction.


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