Facebook Demographics that matter in 2021

If you are looking for the latest Facebook demographics in 2021, congratulations, you have hit the jackpot! 

Given that Facebook is one of the most used and oldest social media marketing platforms, it is no secret that most marketers are always looking for demographics on that they can base their strategies. 

This Facebook demographics blog has all the stats, facts, and data you need to create a winning social media marketing checklist that eventually leads to a well-executed campaign. 

Without further ado, let’s get to them! 

Facebook User Demographics 

  • Facebook has 2.79 billion users on the platform, which makes it the most used social media network. 
  • Facebook reaches more than half of the world’s population, that is 59%. 
  • Facebook has a majority of the male population, coming down to 56%. 
  • The female population is limited to only 44%. 
  • The largest demographic group of Facebook is between ages 25 to 35, out of which 18.8% are female, and 12.8% are female. 
  • Seniors aged above the age of 65 make the smallest demographic on Facebook (4.8%). They are also the fastest-growing demographic. 
  • Almost 90% of the active users on Facebook are from Canada and the US. 
  • Mobile users make up most of the users (98%), and only 2% log in from a desktop or a laptop. 
  • India has by far the most number of users on India with 310 million active users. It is followed by the US with 190 million users and Indonesia with 140 million users.
  • Among states, California is leading with 2.5 million users.  
  • Facebook has 72.8% users between 18 to 44 age group. 
  • 7 out of every 10 adults use Facebook in the US. 
  • The first face detected on Facebook is of Al Pacino. 

Facebook Key Demographics & General Stats 

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  • On average, a user spends around 34 minutes on Facebook each day.
  • 86% of Internet users who have an average income of $100k+ use Facebook. 
  • Among the total users, 98.3% of the users browse Facebook on some type of mobile device, and 79.9% purely use mobile for Facebook. 
  • Within the US, Facebook mobile users are expected to grow from 237.8 million in the year 2025. 
  • At least 73% of the total users use Facebook every day. 
  • 36% of the total Americans rely on Facebook for their daily news. 
  • 57% of the total social media users in the US use Facebook to share content on their profiles, 46% use Facebook to watch videos, and 43% of the users share content one-to-one. 
  • Facebook is the world’s third most visited website across all browsers. 
  • Four countries have over 100 million Facebook users, which includes India (320 million users), the USA (190 million users), Indonesia (140 million users), and Brazil (130 million users). 
  • 83% of the total Canadians have a Facebook account. 
  • The fastest-growing regions for Facebook users are Middle East Asia, and Africa. They are growing by 13.6%. 
  • Facebook thinks that there are an estimated 412 million fake or duplicate accounts. 
  • Native English speakers make up only about 56% of the total users; other users speak a different language. 
  • Around 42% of adults in the US have taken a break from Facebook for a couple of weeks or more.  Around ¼ of this number has permanently deleted the app from their phones. 
  • Every second there are 317,000 status updates, 400 new users, and 54,000 shared links on Facebook. 
  • According to Facebook, there are around 400 new signups on the network every minute, which means that it takes less than 48 hours for a million unique users on the platform. 
  • Politics takes up too much story space on the network, amounting to 36% of the total story content. 
  • Facebook turns 17 years old in 2021
  • 57% of Facebook’s audience is male

Facebook Financial Demographics

  • Facebook has 53,534 total employees working on the platform as of 2021. 
  • Facebook’s Q2 2021 revenue came to a massive total of $29.1 billion. 
  • Facebook’s Q4 2020 revenue came to a massive total of $28.072 billion. 
  • Facebook’s Q4 2020 net income came to a massive total of $11.219 billion. 
  • Facebook’s Q4 2020 advertising revenue came to a massive total of $85.965 billion and is expected to increase by 22% this year. 
  • Facebook brought Instagram for a whopping total of $1 billion in cash in 2012. 
  • Instagram now generates around 20% of the total ad revenue for Facebook mobile. 

Facebook Ad Demographics 

  • Facebook’s total advertising revenue is $20.7 billion, and the company experiences a 25% year-after-year growth in the revenue stream. 
  • Facebook’s average CPM is $5.31, and the CPC is $0.43. 
  • The click-through rate on Facebook is 3.90%, much more than the following network (0.99%). 
  • Among all the advertisements on Facebook, status ads have a CTR of 6.65% and are averaging only $58.27 in ad spend. 
  • Video ads average $157.7%, and share ads are 146.16%. 
  • Facebook has more than 10 million advertisers on the platform. 
  • Facebook has an advertising audience of around 2.14 billion users. 
  • 47% of the total ad revenue comes from two countries, the US and Canada. 
  • 39.7% of the total ad revenue from the US comes from Instagram ads. 
  • An average Facebook user clicks on around 12 ads each month. 
  • Around 18.3% of the male users from the US have purchased through Facebook ads in the last year. 
  • 75% of the total users visit a local business’s Facebook page at least once every week. 
  • An average Facebook page shares 1.55 posts every day. 
  • 78% of the total users in America say that they have made a retail purchase through Facebook ads. 
  • Only 20% of the total Facebook posts trigger an emotional response, while not even 1% of the ads generate an emotional response. 

Facebook Marketing Demographics 

  • The highest engagement generating days on Facebook are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
  • The average engagement rate on Facebook is 0.27%. 
  • 18.3% of the adults in the US purchased Facebook last year. 
  • Around half (48.5%) of the B2B decision-makers use Facebook for their research. 
  • 42% of the total businesses on Facebook are based out of suburbs. 
  • Media brands produce most of the content on Facebook, which is around 7.5%. 
  • Around 42% of the customer service responses from brands on Facebook occur within the first hour of registering a query. 
  • 70% of the marketers say that Facebook is a fantastic place to acquire new customers, and they do it as well. 
  • There is no fixed best time to post on Facebook, but 9 to 10 am and 1 to 4 pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are perfect for posting. 
  • Around 500 million people watch Facebook stories daily. 

Facebook Feature Demographics 

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  • According to Facebook, 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups each month. 
  • In another study by Facebook, 26% of the groups are based on a hobby. 
  • Pages that have less than 10,000 followers or likes see around 0.52% engagement. 
  • Facebook removes around 3,716,817 content pieces in the one-half year for copyright and trademark or counterfeit issues. 
  • Women-centric groups that females run are 40% more likely than their male counterparts to have a meaning behind them. 
  • Women are also behind more than 79% of the fundraisers on Facebook. 
  • There are around 200 million small businesses and startups worldwide that use Facebook tools for marketing in 2021. 
  • 60% of Generation Z users use Facebook to find out about live events. 
  • A whopping total of 1.3 billion users use Facebook messenger. 
  • Around 200 million people use Facebook lite, which proves that this version is just as good and does not compromise on the quality of the experience. 

Facebook Visuals Demographics 

  • Video content totals 15% of the content on Facebook, which mostly has live and native videos. 
  • In 2020, most of the video content was posted by pages with over 100,000 likes. 
  • The most popular format for videos on Facebook is landscape, which makes up about 52% of the total videos. Whereas square videos make up about 33%, vertical ones make 15% of the entire video content. 
  • In 2019, Facebook live videos made about 35% of the entire platform usage. 
  • 1 out of 5 videos posted on Instagram was a live stream in 2017. 
  • There are around 3.5 billion live videos on Facebook. 
  • There are 8 billion views on Facebook live videos every day. 
  • More than 1.25 billion users use Facebook to watch popular videos each month. 
  • An average Facebook video has an engagement rate of 0.26%. 
  • More than 200 million people watch Facebook videos each month in the gaming category. 
  • A user spends 3X time longer videos on Facebook than they do on static content. 
  • 85% of the total videos on Facebook are watched without a sound. 
  • 62% of the total users show an interest in a product after watching a non-ad video about it on Facebook. 

How Can You Take Advantage Of These Statistics?

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