Facebook Ads offer better value than Google Adwords for online advertising?

Better targeting options with Facebook ads

Tailor the specific audience your content goes out to with Facebook ads. Age, gender, location and income level are some of the common targeting or retargeting options that both AdWords and Facebook Ads give you. But, Facebook takes it a notch higher by allowing you to target audiences based on a large list of interests and behaviors. The more niche your audience, the better Faebook ads is for you. Facebook has a tool called lookalike audiences that lets you advertise to people who are similar to your existing audience. Facebook doesn’t restrict your keywords unlike Google Ads, you target the words in Facebook’s database to streamline your chance of appealing to potential customers with real interest in your offering. If you are a business in Dubai and you want to draw more buyers, Webarro can create Facebook Ads that target those potential customers with an ad campaign to  appeal directly to them.

Visually powerful Facebook ads are good for business!

Dry, text-based PPC Google Ads won’t appeal to customers of today. Facebook ads are powerfully visually and they can integrate videos, images, and other visual content in users’ News Feeds. Advertisers can use them to entice buyers with visuals that carry an aspirational message On Facebook, advertisers receive a satisfying, rewarding online experience. They have relaxed text restrictions and it remains an inherently visual platform.

Superior Return on your Investment

Facebook ads give a great ROI event if you have budgeting issues, the sky-high ROI with Facebook ads is many times better than Google Adwords. Want the most bang for your buck? Then the highly competitive pricing that Facebook Ads offer, give you remarkable potential returns. This is an attractive proposition to small businesses and companies with limited resources. Businesses can create beautiful, engaging ads and a savvy marketing agency like Webarro in Dubai can stretch a limited ad budget on the platform to give clients the best results on their ad expenditure. We account for a range of factors, such as scope, messaging, and overall campaign objectives, to target their ideal audiences and you don’t need a vase marketing budget for this.


Sell more using Facebook Ads

The PPC ads in Facebook allow advertisers to take advantage of many seamless app integrations with different media, greater character space to advertise your business and more! Target a truly vast global audience – the granularity with which advertisers can target Facebook’s users is unparalleled. Advertisers have a unique opportunity to tailor advertising messaging to target a huge range of personal interests, beliefs, ideologies, and values of the users. Facebook ads promote allow you to elaborate on your business and its services, to compel customers to contact you. Google Ads allows for a character length of 75 words. Facebook ads allows for 135 characters. That’s almost double the space!

Looking for a Facebook marketing agency in Dubai? Webarro designs Facebook Ads to give you more selling opportunities by appealing to niche audiences, and really attracting potential and existing customers. Webarro has helped businesses to get creative with their ad copy, and made them grow in popularity and sales!

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