Eyesore no more: How to turn outdoor bins into a stylish street staple

When it comes to rubbish, the last thing that typically pops into your head is the word ‘stylish’. Usually, your trash – and the containers used to dispose of such – are considered unsightly blights to be rendered as inconspicuous as possible. 

Yet, outdoor rubbish bins remain a fact of life, and an integral part of keeping our local environments clean and tidy. From complying with health and safety regulations to boosting civic pride, bins have an important role to play in the functioning of our everyday society. Without them, our streets would be lined with hazards such as broken glass, cigarette butts, and other threats to the health and comfort of the public.

A practical and polished approach towards outdoor rubbish bins can help encourage responsible disposal of waste in public settings. Here are a few tips to achieve such.

Customised bins to suit the size and style of your space

You could opt for a generic metal box or a traditional wheelie bin for your outdoor rubbish solutions, and sure, people would still use it. But to enhance the existing landscape, why not invest in a customised rubbish bin?

Whether to reflect the native bushland of a local park, imitate the aesthetic of a trendy new outdoor dining venue, or fit the space of a narrow little street nook, customisedbins can elevate rather than tarnish an outdoor space in a super practical way.

Match bins with your outdoor furniture for a streamlined look

To help blend your bins with the rest of the scenery, a co-ordinated approach can work. By echoing the surrounding street furniture within the vicinity, your bins adopt a stylish aesthetic that makes them feel part of the scene.

From nearby drinking fountains to park benches and tables, a co-ordinating outdoor rubbish bin can keep the look of the landscape sleek and chic rather than dated and daggy.

Disguise unsightly wheelie bins with attractive housing solutions

When looking to keep rubbish collection and disposal as simple as possible, wheelie bins are a practical and popular choice. These common containers allow for easy emptying as well as adequate space for large volumes of rubbish. However, they’re not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing inventions on the planet.

To counteract their questionable appearance, bin housings are a nifty solution. These bad boys come in an array of designs and materials to suit your space, including hardwood cladding, stainless or galvanised steel, or a combination of surfaces.

Appeal to the eco-friendly with colour-coded waste categorisation

As society becomes increasingly environmentally conscious, a growing focus on the importance of recycling has also emerged. Hence, multi-stream disposal options for public rubbish bins are beginning to take centrestage.


Help make the concept of responsible waste disposal both trendy and easy-to-do by installing double-capacity outdoor bins for general waste and recyclables. With clear signage and colour-coded compartments, these nifty solutions tick all the right boxes when it comes to providing a solution for public waste disposal.