Eyeliner Brands to Pair With Your Lashes

When getting ready for a party, night out, or even just when you fancy a glam everyday look fake lashes are often a girl’s best friend. You can spend ages choosing the best pair to suit your face and the look that you are going for, but in order to pull together the entire look, you are going to need to add eyeliner. 

Often choosing the right eyeliner can be very tricky. Unless you do a lot of research, or have a tried and tested favorite eyeliner you can easily end up with a bad eyeliner, ruining your look altogether! For example, the eyeliner can be too thin and smudge or run easily, or it can be too thick and clumpy.

Either way, picking the best eyeliner to pair with your lashes can complete your entire make-up look!

So, what are the best brands to pair with your lashes?

Well, MoxieLash eyeliner is a great choice to pair with almost any set of lashes! This is because the brand has worked hard to develop the ultimate eyeliner and has then gone above and beyond to provide its clients with the product in a range of different colors and finishes.

Depending on your preferences you can choose a classic and sexy black eyeliner or opt for a softer and more subtle look with a brown shade (labelled as “cocoa”). 

Why is MoxieLash eyeliner the best?

The silky liquid formula of the MoxieLash eyeliner means that application is incredibly easy, allowing you to get a nice clean and straight line for those delicate parts of the eyeliner process. This means that the precision tip helps you to create a beautifully elegant line of eyeliner whatever your preference: straight, cat-eye or traditional wing!

The fact that their eyeliners are also magnetic means that your lashes will grip to the eyeliner quickly and easily. So, not only can you get a nice clean line for your lashes to sit pretty on, but they will also last for longer thanks to your eyeliner!

Nobody like a semi unstuck pair of lashes – it is not a good look! So, have your cake and eat it by choosing a decent eyeliner you can ensure that your look will be perfect and last all night (or all day) long!

The eyeliner comes in two different sizes: regular and mini. This means that you can try out the product to see if you like it and to compare it to your regular eyeliner before committing to a larger size. The mini size also makes it great for travelling!

So, when considering which eyeliner to pair with your lashes keep the following few things in mind:

  • What is the consistency?
  • What is the color?
  • Is it magnetic?
  • How precise is the brush tip?

By knowing all the answers to these questions you can be sure to choose an eyeliner that will look fantastic with whatever false lashes you decide to wear and that will help them last a long time!