How to Extract Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails

Microsoft Outlook is a globally accepted email application which is widely used among users. As a result, it enables an individual to share files as an attachment to the end recipients. No matter the file format of the attached file, with Outlook it is no more a complicated task to send attachments files. Now, the major concerning factor is to detach attachments from bulk Outlook emails. To be more precise, users want to know the exact procedure to extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails. This blog will disclose the answer to this challenging concern in an understandable manner to all the Outlook users who eagerly wants to know the solution for the same.

Check Out the User Query Mentioned Below for a Clear Understanding:

“While I am using the manual method to extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails, it is consuming a lot of time. As there are bulk emails which need to be extracted, hence these manual steps are not a feasible solution. Please help me know some authentic and trustworthy automated solution to extract all attachments from Outlook to a folder. Kindly revert at the earliest possible!”

After reading and understanding the user query mentioned below, it is pretty much clear that the manual technique is quite time-consuming and also it is not a reliable solution when there are bulk emails from which the attachments need to be extracted.

Then, what is the Appropriate Solution? Know the Proven yet Best solution in the upcoming section!

Meet All Your Requirements With SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor

Unlike other extractor tools available in the market, one of the recommended and ultra-quick software by the experts is nothing but Outlook Attachment Extractor tool by SysTools is an all-rounder solution to meet the challenging needs to extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails. With its result-oriented features, users can efficiently process their demands while extracting attachments from Outlook to a folder. Moreover, with its simplified user interface, even users with less technical expertise can seamlessly carry out the extraction process of multiple Outlook attachments in no time.

Here Come Some Exclusive Advanced Features of the Tool

  • Extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails via Add File(s) or Add Folder option
  • Developed in a manner to support ANSI and Unicode PST files
  • Varied options to apply “Maintain Folder Hierarchy” option
  • Ensures to keep the data integrity intact as per source file
  • Capable to support PST files of any file size
  • Support Outlook versions from the latest Outlook 2019 version, 2016, 2013 & the below versions

Extract Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails Manually

Technique #1: Save Outlook Attachments Manually

This process needs to be carried out multiple times to extract all Outlook attachments to a folder individually. As a result, this approach is time-consuming.

  • From the Outlook application, navigate and choose the email message from where the attachments must be extracted
  • This is followed by Right-click>>Save All Attachments>>click OK>> mention the folder path to save attachments
  • At last, at the destination location, the extracted attachments can be seen

Technique #2: Using VBA Extract Attachments from Multiple Outlook Emails

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and launch VBA via “Alt+F11” keys
  • It is important to download and import VBA macro from the link mentioned below:
  • Now from the VBA Editor, go to File>> Import File>>upload mAttachmentSaver.bas file>>click Open button to extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails
    Note: To initiate the next steps, make sure to enable all macros
  • From the Outlook email application, select the email message and click Alt+F8 keys wherein the Macro wizard will be launched
  • From there, select ExecuteSaving>> Run>> Browse For Folder option
  • Now, specify the folder location to save the extracted Outlook email attachment

Time to Wind Up

With respect to the need to extract attachments from multiple Outlook emails, this blog lets users know the appropriate solution for the same. Here, we have elaborated both the manual and automated solutions. Users can choose the right approach out of these mentioned alternatives to extract all Outlook attachments to a folder.