Extra Virgin Olive Oils: What Is It And Why You Should Buy It

There’s no question that when it comes to cooking oil, olive oils are considered one of the healthiest options out there. In fact, olive oil is so popular that it isn’t exclusively used for cooking. This is especially true for extra virgin olive oil or also known as EVOO. The oil is famous for being used in salad dressing and as part of balsamic vinegar and olive oil dipping sauce for bread.

Before buying your EVOO bottle and sprinkling it on salads and bread, here are a few things you might want to know about this famously healthy oil.

What’s So Special About Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

In essence, olive oils are made from the fruit of olive trees. Any oil extracted from these fruits can be called olive oil, but the similarities end there. In fact, there are different varieties of olive oil but their distinction isn’t due to the type of olives used. It’s due to the process each type of oil goes through and any additives the oils contain.

The two most popular types of olive oil are extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil. You can easily tell these two types apart based on their colour alone. EVOO tends to, while regular olive oil has a brighter and lighter colour. However, looking at the differences in hue is usually not enough to reliably tell which is which.

Extra virgin olive oil stands out as the preferred type of olive oil because it is known as the highest quality. This means that EVOO is extracted without the use of any type of heat or chemicals, ensuring it is pure and uncontaminated from the fruit until it reaches your plate. Unrefined EVOO is the best olive oil your money can buy, and it is worth it.

EVOO With A Burst Of Flavour

Aside from traditional and unrefined EVOO that is commonly used for cooking, there are also extra virgin olive oils that come infused with various flavours. By far, the most popular one is black truffle olive oil which gives food an extra burst of flavour that make taste buds come to life. Other popular infusions include crushed lemon and hot pepper, which elevate food when used.

Why Buy High-Quality EVOO?

Aside from the addition of flavour to your dishes, extra virgin olive oil also comes with other benefits, such as:

Rich In Antioxidants – EVOO is full of nutrients and antioxidants because it is pure. The oil contains a good amount of free radicals that are anti-aging properties.

Reduces Heart Disease – The fats in olive oil are considered healthy fats. Including the oil in your regular diet is beneficial and leads to a healthier heart.

The Best Cooking Oil – All types of oil claim that they are the best when used for cooking. However, olive oil is the only oil with oxidative stability and a good ratio of monosaturated fats. Plus, due to its distinct flavour profile, EVOO can be used for sweet and savoury dishes and pairs well with a long list of flavour profiles.