Extortionists knocked down by Dr.Prashant Jindal’s team:Jury members were approached and coerced, admits GMC

Jury members were approached and coerced, admits GMC.

The case is extraordinary evidence, of the high handedness of the GMC, with mockable allegations brought against a top eye surgeon, by a BBC reporter with vested interests, and then the jury members threatened in private. Numerous frauds & networks exposed.

GMC  admitted addressing the jury at his hotel but would not say who gave the reporter details of his whereabouts. A group of blackmailers implanted patients, trained them, and presented false allegations to the General Medical Council, then addressed the jury. illegally and privately to pass judgment on the UK’s highly respected and prominent eye surgeon, Dr. Prashant Jindal.

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Location: Manchester UK, June 2022. Minutes of the public hearing, attended in person by our Manchester correspondent:


Dr. Prashant Jindal is recognized as one of the UK’s finest refractive eye surgeons and is responsible for many groundbreaking innovations in the field. Covering the most complex  cases and celebrities from Hollywood to heads of state and Olympic champions, he is a leading author. He also worked six days a week during the pandemic but was brought to GMC for being too honest with his patients and his work.

A team led by the BBC’s Ms Nicola Dowling, who has been the subject of many articles recently, is also involved in making fabricated charges against her. The aim is to extort huge sums of money from doctors with parallel compensation. The lawsuit has been filed and the GMC case is said to create pressure for settlement. Dowling pursued Dr. Jindal for years but couldn’t find a single clinical problem against him, his strategy changed to planting a non-clinical problem.

Planting patients:

Dowling then found two patients (who underwent surgery in 2011 and 2016 respectively) and fitted them with audiovisual recording equipment. -op (all proofs are available with us and will be available on our website).

The BBC’s Nicola Dowling  also made false reports of fraud to the police in order to incite an arrest. At the same time, a bogus claim for damages was filed in court  and offers to pay for a settlement were sent out via lawyers, which Dr. Jindal didn’t accept. and decided to fight in  court.

Dr Prashant Jindal with the legend, Shane Warne

Since Dr. Prashant Jindal was difficult to break, Dowling’s team wrote to the GMC that they represent two patients who allege that Dr. Jindal was not present during her surgery and was out of the country during that time that her son may have performed her surgeries. Despite the lack of compelling evidence, the GMC has considered these personal and obviously vexatious  complaints and ordered a full trial of the matter.

A complete well planned 3-prong attack was adopted by the BBC team and offers to settle with money were sent again. The patient’s names have been disclosed by Dowling’s team herself in their blog.

Patient-A: Says Dr Jindal was in the room but he did not hear him, hence somebody else did the surgery:

Sandy Miller, the first patient, who achieved perfect vision of 20/20 is a skiing instructor in Switzerland, a high-end sport needing precision vision ( ). He had  openly blackmailed (available evidence), begged the clinic for money  at the behest that  cheaper treatment was available at the time, and  paid more. He first filed a complaint with the General Optical Council, the GOC, against Dr. Jindal to extort him into payment and then  apologized to him for filing a false complaint (apology letter available from us).

Dr Prashant Jindal & his patient, leading Hollywood star, Anthony (Tony) Robbins

Dowling then wrote to the GMC on Miller’s behalf to start a hearing against Dr. Jindal stating that Miller’s eyes were fine, Dr.Jindal did not operate on him. No evidence of this was presented and it was not possible to see why Miller noticed this 7 years after the operation and never mentioned it in hundreds of his emails over those 7 years to get a £500 refund as a price adjustment receive. During the hearing, it was noted that many of Miller’s stories contained loopholes, including his admission that he knew Dr. He admitted that he was unable to see either of these two people during the operation, but that Dr.

Jindal’s voice came from the side of his foot during the surgery and the voice behind his head had a Pakistani accent, which Dr. Jindal’s assistant was. So he made up a story about why he believed that Dr. Jindal had not performed his surgery. During cross-examination, Miller was shocked and blurted out that  there were actually three people in the room, including Dr.

Jindal. When asked why he originally said two people, he said he meant “two significant people,” so even the jury was shocked and the manipulation was off the wall. GMC’s expert confirmed that due to the nature of the operation, there was no way Miller could see Jindal or his assistant during  the operation.

Miller was asked if he saw Dr. Jindal’s son or his assistant operated on him, to which he replied how could he see someone during their own eye surgery? Also in 2011, when Miller’s surgery was performed, Dr. Jindal’s son  4 years old and unlikely to have had the surgery as reported in several news articles. 

Patient-B: Claims Dr Jindal was in Spain but fails to explain how he met him on surgery day:

The second patient, Patient-B, was a carpenter-turned-boxer, Greg Brady. He claimed that Dr. Jindal was in Spain when he had the surgery and that he found out a few years later when he was interviewed by Dr. Saw Prashant Jindal on TV. He said  he went blind and showed pictures of severely injured eyes and face, which turned out to be post-boxing injuries.

Dowling and his team had previously made false reports to the police over the same issue and, under pressure from the BBC, the Metropolitan Police appointed their best investigators to the incredible case.

Sadly for Brady and Dowling, videos were found of Mr.Brady walking perfectly well on the busy streets of London. These videos were played at the hearing, leaving the entire auditorium in the auditorium in shock (copies of the video will be released soon). Numerous pictures were also found  posted by Mr Brady on social media showing how happy and clear he was after his eye surgery. Although he removed the photos when he filed the wrong complaint, they were pulled from Google’s cache online  (Brady was shown and questioned about it in court, to which no plausible answer was available).Pictures included him driving sports cars after surgery, mentioning his great vision, taking dogs for a stroll and almost another 100 pictures from social media post-surgery. He had also posted Instagram posts with semi – nude pictures of himself saying that he was feeling on top of the world and on cross examination mentioned “I am vain- what’s your problem.”

Dr Jindal proven to be in UK and operating numerous other patients the same day:

Sufficient evidence has also been found that Dr. Jindal was in the country and operated on him and  ten other patients on the same day. Eight months later, police dropped the case but surprisingly took no action against Mr Brady over the false allegation. He was questioned by Dr.

Jindal’s lawyers admitted the photos were his  and they clicked after the surgery. When asked “How could you walk  the streets of London as seen in the video?” he replied, “I walk with my legs, not  my eyes.” ” erupted in laughter from the media gallery. Brady knew his game was up. The lawyers of Dr. Jindal provided the GMC with all of the above evidence, including that from the police, along with CCTV footage, photos and witnesses of him  in the country and  on day.

Despite the wealth of evidence, the GMC refused to dismiss the case.

Perfect care mentioned stated GMC’s own surgeon expert:  

GMC appointed another senior eye surgeon as  expert on the cases, whose reports on both cases (copies available from us) confirmed that there was no lack of care or duty and that Dr. Prashant Jindal was performed perfectly. The case was brought by GMC to the MPTS (Medical Practitioners Tribunal), a court affiliated with and  accountable to GMC. Rather than protect the truth and investigate, the GMC  sued the doctor in its own court, appointed a prosecutor for

, and did everything in its power to get the doctor off the record. The hearing was widely publicized and  attended by all major media.

Both patients admitted during their testimony that they were created by the BBC and that Ms Dowling provided them with audiovisual recording equipment  and advised them to extract something they could use. All the BBC recordings were played and  the patients were shown to have cheated the court, leaving a pale Mrs Dowling in the middle of the hearing. The GMC presented the country’s highest-paid attorney as  prosecutor, who claimed without  evidence,  Dr.

Jindal was not in the country during the operation and  all evidence and documents in his defense, including  credit card statements, were false. He had regular meetings with Ms Dowling from the BBC during the hearing, which was totally against the rules.

Jury members approached but facts kept hidden from public hearing:

On the final day of the hearing,  the jury reported, rather than reaching a verdict, that throughout the hearing days  all jurors were repeatedly and individually approached by Nicola Dowling’s team at her hotel and also via email and also emailed her social media accounts and they were charged with a conviction against Dr. Jindal threatened or subjected to  media attacks. dr Jindal’s lawyer said that if the court was criminal, Ms Dowling and her colleague Sasha Rodoy should have been arrested. not done yet).

The trial has been postponed to September due to attempts by Dowling’s team to interfere with the trial. Interestingly, while we were present, we were unaware of this jury complaint, only learning about it after Dowling’s team posted it on her blog and  then called GMC, who confirmed it. However, despite numerous emails, they have not provided any reason for this and we have now made a legal FOI request. Dowling’s team  also published

 patient names.

Despite numerous efforts, Dr. Jindal not. We then contacted Ms. Dowling’s boss and  received a threatening email asking for my manager’s details and threatening  a lawsuit for defamation. Physicians in the UK are Asian (mainly Indian and Pakistani) who account for almost 50% of  MPTS cases.

Many doctors cannot pay or fight  the mighty GMC and instead of fighting back, they give up their registration. for dr Prashant Jindal, who stood defiantly and with dignity, pours in support.

Impact of case on surgeons:

While annoying, the acceptance of such an incredible case at the GMC, thanks to the efforts of the BBC’s Nicola Dowling and her partner Sasha Rodoy, opens the floodgates to a spate of cases as it legitimizes confusing complaints about the patient of 10 years . Years later they claim that his surgeon did not operate on him but that the surgeon’s assistant or his son operated on him and are demanding millions of dollars in damages. to show that the person is right and the doctor is wrong. .The incident requires a serious investigation into the workings of the UK General Medical Council and how it used to harass doctors.


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