Exposing how it works to download Instagram videos online

I’ve seen a meme or a funny video on social media many times and I find that I can’t take a screenshot or have no download option, so today I will talk about how to download videos from Instagram .

In case someone thinks it’s complicated, I will teach you a very simple method by which you can download both videos and photos in seconds without downloading apps or dangerous things that crash your device. Therefore, let’s see this article to know how to download Instagram video online.

How to make downloading Instagram video online

Let’s get to the heart of the problem. I have tried the various tools online, offline, browser, etc., but what we will address today is to SnapInsta.App, it is an online tool that allows you to download Instagram videos without having to install additional programs on your computer.

Step 1 – Copy URL

The first step, as you can imagine, is to find and copy the URL of the video you want to download. Go to your Instagram and find the video you want to download to share with everyone.

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the account name you will see a series of buttons Report, Unfollow (if you follow the account), Go to publish, Share in …, Copy the link (this is what it is). we want), Embed the code and finally cancel.

Next, click the Copy Link button and we’ve solved the first part of the problem.

Step 2 – Paste the link

Now we have to go to the SnapInsta website where we will paste the video link into the main box of the Instagram Downloader that we copied in step 1 to download the Instagram video. However, we need to select video download mode before downloading.

Step 3 – Download our Instagram video

We got to the heart of the matter, as you can see in the following image, after you paste the URL we copied in step 1 hit download on the right.

The system will convert it to MP4 format, which is basically the format in which WhatsApp and other systems videos are saved, a format that compresses videos very well to give them weight.

After you press the video download button right below the video, wait a few seconds until you see the video has been downloaded to the device. you can click the notification to watch the video immediately.

Downloading Instagram videos is a really simple thing, just 3 steps and we have the video downloaded in a fully usable format like MP4, a format created in 2001 that allows videos with or without audio, they can be perfectly compressed, weighing more than a quarter of the weight in a standardized format, such as AVI or WAV, the original and outdated video and audio formats.


We have come up with the most effective way for you to easily download Instagram video online without any accompanying applications. If you have another way to download videos from Instagram and want to share your ideas, we are waiting for your opinion!