How to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that also stores the contact information like email, phone numbers, etc. But the data can be only shared with other Outlook users as PST file is not universally compatible. To open Outlook contacts in any other application, it is important to export address book to vCard. In this blog, we will discuss some simple but effective techniques to export Outlook contacts to vCard file format. Continue reading this blog to learn more.

Is there any reliable way to export Outlook contacts to vcard. I need to move the contacts to my android phone but the smartphone will only support vCard. Cannot find any suitable way to easily move the contacts. Please suggest on urgent basis.

Need to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

These are the main reasons for contact conversion in vcard. Have a look at them.

  • Switching from one Email Client to another
  • Avoid PST file due to too many Contacts
  • For Contacts backup in vCard file format
  • To store hundreds of contacts in a single file

Techniques to Export Outlook contacts as vCard file

Here, we will discuss two approaches to convert Outlook Address Book to VCF file. The methods are called as manual approach and Automated Alternative Solution. Let us know about the methods one by one in this section:

Export Outlook Contacts to vCard in Windows OS

Follow these steps for manually saving Outlook contacts in vcard.

  1. Launch MS Outlook and click on People icon at the bottom.
  2. Select the necessary Contact entry for Export as vCard.
  3. Click on File Tab and select Save As. Choose saving folder and select vCard as the Save as Type.
  4. Click on Save button for saving the contact file in vCard. Repeat the process if required for other contacts.

Limitations of Manual Method

This manual method lets you save one contacts at a time as vCard. Thus it will take a long time to process bulk contacts of Outlook address book. Moreover, this method involves constant user engagement and supervision. Last but not the least, chances of data loss is involved in this approach. That’s why people go for the alternative method.

Quick and Error Free Method to Export Contacts to vCard

To easily convert contacts from Outlook PST file to Vcard file, users must choose to use the automated solution named PST Converter. This is a software that can extract PST file contacts into VCF format. There is no file size limitation associated with the application during Outlook data export. No data loss occurs during the file conversion and it can export PST contacts to VCF file format without the Outlook application installation. Along with other features, this tool can convert Outlook email to text.

Users have to follow the below-mentioned steps to export Outlook contacts as vCard :

Step 1: Download and install PST Converter and launch it on computer.

Step 2: Click on Add File option for PST file addition.

Step 3: The software will scan and load all PST items and generate preview on the software interface.

Step 4:  Select Contacts folder from left side and check mark the contacts you wish to convert in VCF.

Step 5: Click on Export button.

Step 6: Select vCard option as destination.

Step 7: Browse to select the file saving location for VCF file.

Step 8: If needed, you can also choose the option Merge contacts into a single vCard option

Step 9: Finally, click Export to convert Outlook contacts to VCF format.

Step 10: When the conversion is done, you will be notified. Go to the location and you will find the converted vcard files there. Use them as necessary.

Successfully Exported PST File to vCard!

In certain cases, users need to extract contacts from orphan PST file or transfer contacts from Outlook email client to another email or platform that supports vCard file format. In the above blog, we described some useful ways to export PST contacts to VCF file both with or without Outlook installation. Choose between the methods as per your wish and needs. The manual method is not completely reliable for bulk contacts transfer. Hence, users should try the automated solution as it does not have any chance of data loss.