Explore Tips to Use Memes as a Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

Digital marketing advertisements may prove to be monotonous unless you think of incorporating some fun gestures into them. 

You should add the fun element because people are looking forwards to seeing engaging and attractive ads. An advertisement plays a pivotal role in engaging your target audience with your brand, product, or services. What can help you infuse an engaging effect into your ad? The quintessential memes effect! 

Memes are a powerful digital marketing tool that helps you in grabbing consumer attention. You may share them using a click, and everybody can at once relate to them. Why are memes so important? It is difficult for anyone to resist a funny picture. That is the chief reason why memes are connecting with all sorts of audiences particularly, millennials.

According to Business News Daily, whether you are a Tumblr addict, an avid tweeter enthusiast, a BuzzFeed, or Reddit junkie, you cannot avoid or undermine one thing on the Internet: memes. The Web is flooded with memes. They are almost everywhere. Alex from Target, Grumpy Cat, Success Kid, and Overly Attached Girlfriend: they began as everyday people or normal/ ordinary animals; however, they rose to the height of popularity almost overnight.

Memes are the mouthpiece of the millennials on the Internet. More than three billion people are in the habit of using social media. Statistics have revealed that at least 60 percent of them are using them now and then for funny content. College students enjoy trading memes just the same way as kids were trading Pokémon cards. Memejacking or leveraging popular memes for getting solid marketing advantage seems to be the Holy Grail for all digital marketers currently. Digital marketers are injecting new life into their marketing and promotion strategies by using popular memes or unique memes. Furthermore, we know that memes are incredibly visual. They are an amazing tool for grabbing the attention of your audience.

Focus on Knowing Your Target Audience 

Find out information and the slightest detail about your audience. Is your target audience tech or Internet-savvy? If your audience is smart and up-to-date, you can focus on sharing memes to attract more and more people. You may consider using funny memes or even think of sharing a relevant video. You may browse through sites like Meme Scout to choose from an extensive and impressive collection of memes.

Be Conversant with Memes

You need to be familiar with all sorts of memes. The fundamental principle of using popular memes in your digital marketing strategy is to know clearly about things you are talking about. Nothing can be far more fatal and damaging for your brand than using a popular meme in an incorrect way. You will face a lot of flak from all your existing and potential clients. Use memes if you have sound knowledge of them. In case, you do not, it is always a great idea to do meticulous research before taking the final plunge. Start by using word memes in your posts on social media platforms.

Focus on Identifying & Using Existing Memes Relevant to Your Brand

Memes work most effectively once they are adapted and applied to your specific cause. It is a wise tactic to use memes for making announcements regarding a contest. You may start a Twitter #hashtag or alternatively focus on making your video and try to go viral.

Remember to Have Fun All the Way

Once you start enjoying generating funny and witty memes, you will be motivated to create more memes and generate superior quality content. You will soon be rewarded with unflinching reader support and loyalty. You can enjoy super-sweet Internet points.


Once you start using memes the right way, your target audience will be too happy to wait eagerly for your next email or post. Irrespective of your industry, memes are the most tried-and-tested digital marketing tool you can rely on for boosting your overall brand exposure and engagement. Start matching up with memes, and you could be the talk of the web world.