Explore The World Of Paddle Boards With Us

Humankind has starved hard from the beginning of the world to keep themselves entertained. And same is why they have invented tons and tons of activities, among which inflatable paddle boards top the list for any reason.

The activity is a source of entertainment and time-pass and filled with a bunch of health benefits. For instance, it help you to get on your feet, helps with body balance, loses excess weight, and offers you the optimal environment for meditation. But wait, you are still unknown to the world of paddleboards and paddleboarding?

Well! Do not worry as we have got your back. This article contains all essential information about inflatable paddle boards and paddleboarding you must know before jumping into the actual scene. So without any further discussion, let us start straight with the article. Please have a look.

All you Need to know about Inflatable Paddle Boards and Boarding

Best Suited Inflatable Paddle Boards

It is getting that right paddle board for yourself that can serve as the perfect match. So, how can you determine which type of inflatable paddle board is ideal for you?

Well! Analyze how you are going to use it. How it will fit your body and how you want it to handle in the waters. The critical decision points will be

  1. The shape of the board
  2. The volume and capacity it carries
  3. Its length, width, and thickness
  4. Fins and additional accessories

According to our research, shortboards about 10 inches in height are great for early teens and kids. The medium-sized boards for about 10 to 12 inches in height are ideal for all-around use, especially for those who like to do SUP Yoga.

And lastly, 12 to 13 inches large paddleboards are a match made in heaven for fast paddlings and long-distance touring.

Some Top Inflatable Paddling Spots in The World

Here we present an ultimate list of spots that are best for kayaking. Let us dig in


Alaska is no less than a paradise for nature lovers and adventurous spirits. With huge glaciers, towering peaks, massive forests, and roaring rivers, Alaska is a place that remains on the list of travelers’ bucket list all the time.

Hence, if you are a die-heart sup yoga fan, then one of Alaska’s famous paddling spots: the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, are all set to welcome you.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is widely known for its wildlife diversity, national parks, and unspoiled beaches. Travelers are all empowered to explore the place in whatever ways they want privately. However, when we talk about inflatable paddle boarding, “Dramas Island” is a name not to be missed,

It is located near Manuel Antonio National Park and is perfect for navigating waterways through a maze of mangroves, scanning the forest, iguanas, and sloths.

Individuals who are beginners to the inflatable paddle board’s world might want to visit lake Arenal as they can paddle on the calm water beneath Arenal Volcano.


For a decent number of travelers, paddling alongside killer whales is no less than a dream come true. Suppose this sounds like you, consider taking a paddling trip from Vancouver Island. Canada’s Vancouver islands are one of the famous destinations in the world for whale-watching.

In addition, Canada is an excellent spot for inflatable paddleboarding, especially if you want to spend a few hours alone exploring secret islands and wild beaches. You might like to pass your inflatable paddleboard through Broughton Archipelago Provincial Park-British, Colombia’s most significant marine part. It is the home of tens and thousands of pristine islands and islets.


Inflatable paddleboarding is one of the fun ways to explore the beauty of Greenland. You can paddle through the Petermann Glacier’s Blue River. Here, the weather warms up the melting glaciers. And as a result, you are granted a gift of viewing some astounding visuals.

You might also like to paddle among the ice chunks, seals, and whales at permalink fjord, located in southeast Greenland.

On The Bottom Line

For summing up, inflatable paddle boards are probably the most innovative inventions on earth. They have granted the human being with an exciting activity of kayaking. Hence we have listed some fantastic hot spots for paddleboarding in the article above.

Nevertheless, choose the right inflatable paddleboard for yourself to rest assured the maximum fun.